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Career length mod?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Lexxxicide, May 9, 2012.

  1. Lexxxicide


    Hey there, pretty self explanatory thread really.

    Not sure about the forum policy in regards to posting new threads for the sake of a couple of questions, but I figure it's 2011 and mod related so this is the right section.

    Basically, I played and loved the 2010 title on the XBOX but I was constantly itching to get at some of the great mods available for PC. As of the weekend just past I now own a rather powerful PC and given my love of gaming and Formula 1 I have purchased F1 2011. I was immediately disappointed to discover that career mode (which I reckon is the real meat and potatoes of the game) is only five seasons in length. This forum went off like a lightbulb in my head!

    SO, is there a mod to lengthen the career? If not, can anybody point me in the direction of some of the must have mods available for the game?

    Any info will be much appreciated! :)
  2. Dimos Kapourniotis

    Dimos Kapourniotis

    start playing 100% races, long weekends with no time simulation and you'll see that five seasons are long enough!:thumbsup:
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  3. lKBZl


    There are ultra settings mods, which make the game look better, in themes of graphics, mods of cams, helmets, liveries, sounds mods, tracks... etc. There you go with a mod pack from Darkness Knight which includes:
    01- Helmet's HD Compilation Pack 24 drivers + ALL TEAMS GLOVES HD.
    02- Pack 12 Cars HD Escuderias.
    03- Pack 12 Steerings Wheels HD.
    04- Replay Camera Diffuse Distance OFF DOF MOD.
    05- Pack 12 Tracks "Sponsors Update".
    06- Audio Louder DRS Beep.
    07- Abu Dhabi Hora Real.
    08- Reflejos McLaren Fix.
    09- Tyres High LOD MOD.
    10- Safety Car High LOD MOD.
    11- Improved Tyres 2011 + Real Tyres v2.0 + Realistic Blur.
    12- Sky Improved.
    13- Transparent OSD.
    14- Pack 12 Team's Suit's HD.


    Remember to backup your files and/or use the Ryders Mod Manager (http://racedepartment.com/forum/threads/f1-2011-modding-faq-please-read-this-first.47391/)

    For more info (it's in spanish tough): http://www.chw.net/foro/juegos-en-g...-2011-pc-packmod-v1-9-release-01-05-12-a.html

  4. Lexxxicide



    My issue isn't with how much gameplay five seasons gives you. I just find that five seasons is not enough in terms of progression through the teams. Thanks for your suggestion though!
  5. Lexxxicide


    Thanks, I'll take a look. :)