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Career: Answer me these questions three. Or five xD

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by jsn12, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone. First post on this forums.

    Thanks to Mr. Armadyr for guiding me to this website (Via Reddit). Been using your guys setups and I have found them to be really helpful. Also been reading previous forum threads and it has been very informative.

    I started with F1 2012. All assists, then transitioned into No assists apart from racing line and automatic gears. I was advised manual gears would be better but I found it to be tricky with a 360 pad (Playing on PC). Can't get used to it even with rebinding them, too used to playing shooters. I figured I am still not perfect with automatic, so might as well learn about the tracks first.

    Really enjoying F1 2013 so far. I find the handling to be so much better on this game than F1 2012. Tyre wear is a bit challenging but It's still better than 2012 25% races where it was a non consideration. Playing on Professional AI difficulty with no flashbacks.

    Due to my lack of consistency I climb places then hold off the train behind me xD. I want to transition to 100% races so It's necessary I get this down.

    Q1- Good start strategy on automatics? Minimize wheel spin seems to be the advice. I start in lean till I reach about 50kph and also hold off on full throttle till that point. But I'm getting annihilated.

    I mean the AI lap 1 is horrible so I climb places regardless but it is still disappointing to start off that way at the start of the race.

    Q2- How to get fresh tyres for the race? Is it that the tyres I use in Qualifying 3 will be the ones for the race. I only do one lap of Q3 to preserve these. But I cannot change between primes or options and mix up my race start strategy which I find a bit annoying. If I want to start on primes do I have to use them in Qualifying 3?

    Q3- Nvm :)

    Q4- What is a good practice regimen to improve consistency. I usually go to time attack to learn the tracks. Get gold medals. After that, should I just practice laps or do quick races? What would be the best investment of time.

    Q5- What should be my goal with Force India? I mean looking to the future. What car should I expect a contract from mid season and end season. Or since I'm restarting, should I go with a different team. I am just inconsistent. Too many errors, which is the key thing I guess haha. Without errors, I can keep pace with teams similar to mine.

    Since I'm restarting my career, should I do it with a different team?
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  2. Q1 - no idea, but some will probably tell you to just mash the throttle and keep it that way until the first braking point.
    Q2 - yes and yes. If you get to Q3, you start the race on the tires you used to set your fastest Q3 time.
    Q3 - what exactly are you asking about? Of course the performance is going to be poor in the wrong conditions. Full wets don't have enough of a contact patch for intermediate conditions, but extract enough water when in heavy rain. It's the exact opposite with the intermediates in heavy rain.
    Q4 - just to laps. Any mode. Ok, maybe not in time trial, because that mode has too ideal conditions and driving is just too easy.
    Q5 - you won't learn to be consistent in a car like Red Bull or Mercedes. It just does too much for you. With the lower tier cars you really have to work your way through some of the corners so I think driving a car like that is a good training.
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  3. Ah I see :(. Mash the throttle, worth a try.

    Fastest Q3 time, that's a bummer. I'll keep that in mind when I try to go for a fast time. I'll assess my performance with options in practice and decide accordingly if it's worth putting on the options on for Q3 or go for a Prime strategy.

    Question three I deleted as I realized it didn't make sense. I guess I was just upset about the difference being a bit too unrealistic. That's fair enough for the game though. In my mind I was going to suffer a couple of laps but make up for it after the couple when the AI is on the wrong tyres. Just suffered a bit too much haha. Cost me a points position. I'll just keep that in mind.

    Ah didn't realize that. I guess it would be too easy.

    So should I stay with Force India. Best I can do is a Sauber start at any rate, but finishing 8th requirement is a bit too high for a beginner like myself. Or should I downgrade to a Toro Rosso/Williams? Are those two much different from FI?
  4. Just a couple of things to add, Q1 yep (with a pad) full throttle use KERS 2nd - 5th gears can just about keep up. Q3 if you are in a Force India or Sauber and on a reasonable difficulty level you wont get pole positions. You dont want to be starting on options (sure there is a bug at some tracks) so if you can Qualify on Primes. Only use options if you are not going to beat your team objective. Q5 In my experience taking mid-term contracts can give you a better car, but its R&D schedule may not have been applied, so the car may be slow, so avoid. Stick with Force India its pretty good,
  5. Ah will try that out, thanks for that.

    I'm not getting poles, but I am just about making it to Q3 and not climbing much there apart from my stronger tracks. :). I would bump it up but I want to improve my consistency in races first.

    Ah I see. Didn't know there was a bug. I'll start on primes in that case!

    I will stick with F1. Just restarted career for a 100% race. Melbourne is one of my stronger tracks so I'll probably do ok :D.

    Thank you for your assistance.