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Car upgrade not carried over to next season :(

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by AprilSwift, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. I am in my 3rd season with Mclaren and none of my car upgrades that i have unlocked were carried over to the 3rd season :(
  2. was the first season upgrades carried over to year two? mine wernt
  3. I stay with the same car maker for 3 seasons and none of them got carried over it's really silly and annoying.
  4. If you did well the season before and stay with the same team the base car should be better. Codemasters say this accounts for the upgrades and gives you reason to R&D in the next season. As far as things like downforce upgrades, or power.. sure I'll buy that... buy having to unlock things like Throttle Map settings is kinda stupid.

    According to CM though, if you stay with one team and keep exceeding your targets, you should be able to make Lotus, HRT or anyone else into a front running team.
  5. i thought that too but i just started my second year and im not so sure, i mean are they just lying to us cos they didn't finish it they way they intended to? like you said having to unlock throttle maps and basic stuff like that just doesn't make sense at all.

    have you noticed the car improve after a season or two? im just starting year two with lotus and i won the drivers championship and 15 races in my first year and finished 2nd in the constructors championship so im hoping the car is better this year and my team is matter because he scored no points last year.
  6. @chris_dx49 firstly you're playing the game on a too easy difficulty, why are you winning WDC in your first year? totally unrealistic

    secondly your car does improve (that is, your base car). while the R&D for throttle etc is unrealistic, your car does improve from year to year and so technically you haven't "lost" any R&D, just pretend you've finished tier 1 R&D and now you're into tier 2 R&D, something like that.
  7. ah thats good to know. yeah your right i will increase the difficulty this season beacuse it was just too easy

  8. I played the first season in easy configuration because I'm playing with a Joystick.Of course, I won most of the races and still didn't get a new contract at the end of the season. My reputation now is 27 level,now running second season, the third race and leading the season in Hard configuration, brakes off,abs off,traction medium, manual, pit limiter auto. With all this said, I was wondering what should I do to get a new contract??? Thanks
  9. Change your agent m8....hahaha....
  10. hahaha good idea haha. Starting to recruit new agents.
  11. I am in my 4th season with Mclaren. Just signed up they are paying me 50 mil for this year.