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Car/Team difference

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Veselko Lakobrija, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Hey all
    Just wondering one little thing. After viewing few vids players have posted i realised that there are some insanely quick laptimes. One particular: a dude (or a babe) drives as Vettel in wet Monaco. No raceline at all. And the laptime is about half a second faster then mine on a dry track with options on and corners only raceline. I drive Williams car.

    So, can choice of a car realy affect that much when it comes to laptimes?
  2. Yeah, the three top teams in F1 2011 have the best cars, with the Red Bull probably being the best. So if you want to set some competitive lap times on the leaderboards, you should consider using the Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull.
  3. Ahhh cool
    Thanx a bunch Michael. I´m guessing same "rule" goes for career mode...
  4. Of course. What would be the point of progressing through career and moving to better teams (or upgrading your own car) if all teams had equal cars? :D
  5. LOL
    Good point Igor.... didn´t let my brain work so far ahead :redface:
  6. Let the brain rest from time to time. :D

    Only time cars are set to equal is in quick game modes (Sprint, Endurance...) and in Custom Grand Prix if Equal Car Performance is enabled. Even then, there are some differences between cars, mostly based on their length and weight balance.

    Grand Prix, Time Trial and 1st season of Career are all based on F1 2011 season, though in my opinion Lotus, Virgin and HRT are too weak compared to other cars, since they can't use KERS (they overdid the effect ingame). For PC players that is easily fixed by changing data in game files or downloading them from Mods subforum.

    In Season 2 (and onwards) of Career, cars improve based on their S1 result. So after a couple (or more) seasons, Force India can be better then Red Bull or McLaren. However, KERSless teams remain without Nitro button throughout the whole Career, no matter the result they achieve.
  7. LOL brain tend to need a vacation :wink:
    Thx for the further info. Do you know how far can a car get improved? If McLaren can be continualy improved depending ofcourse on the results of previous season.
  8. Interesting question, no idea how far improvements can go... On first thought I'd say that cars would keep to realistic performances, but this is CM's game so anything is possible. 400 kph in Season 5? :D
  9. LOL
    that would be something else... Wipe Out all of a sudden :cool: