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Car Set up

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Cote Dazur, May 23, 2013.

  1. I am stuck at 1'42 in the P4/5 Competizione M challenge, does anyone has a good setup for that car, I am not much of a tuner.:confused:
    If someone is good at tuning a tutorial on how to tune in RRRE would be great, with what adjustment do what on the car behavior.:D
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  2. 1:42? you better work on your driving line, i can do 1:38 easily with default setup, and i drive with gamepad
  3. Thank you for the link.:)

    dbaic, glad you enjoy playing with a gamepad, and congratulation on your 1'38. You might be able to be even faster with a good setup.;)
  4. yea but i dont know much about setups, and there is nowhere to find them
  5. Keith_G


    I haven't spent much time with that competition yet either but I am also at 1:42, a little lower than you. Running with the default setup too and a Fanatec wheel. Still trying to get my wheel working properly. As for tuning, it isn't as difficult as it may sound but takes some time. Here is another link that might help steer you in the proper direction
    This is for rfactor but pretty much applies to all sims. It takes a long time to properly tune the car but you can make some quick changes to help. 1. You know what you are driving the laps at now, so use that as a base and make each change one at a time to see if it helps after 2-3 laps warmup and getting use to the new settings. 2. try to change the rear wing a click down and see if that helps. On a long fast track like Monza it can add a lot of speed easily on the straights and then you just have to make it around the corners but downforce doesn't have much affect in the slow speed chicanes anyway. You might also lower the ride height all the way down and leave the rear a bit higher than the front ( I think that is almost automatic in R3E). See if either of those two help. If so then you should be able to drop a second or two quickly.

    If I come up with a better setting then I will tell you. Be aware though that it is very personal with your driving style and hardware (certainly true in Sim Racing more so than real world) so what works for one person might not help with another. Practice and driving line certainly are the main thing but a good set up makes those easier to do. Learning about trail braking and other driving techniques can also help. Good luck and I will let you know if I have the time to work on a setup.
  6. Thank you kgriffall, it was not easy to get my fanatec wheel to work well in RRRE, I can see why some people miss dismiss this SIM on first impression.
    I can see good potential with that SIM, but it is not obvious right of the box.
    I am fairly happy with it now, PM me if you would like me to share my in game wheel setup.

    I have played with the settings of the car, but I seem to make two step backward every time I make one step forward.
    You are correct in someone best set up is not a guarantee to make you faster, I am new to RRRE, but not too SIM racing, finding good set up in NKP for example seems more intuitive and someone made a great guide,


    Also, I am lucid, I am not that fast, if I win it is most likely because I make few mistakes and the other guy's over drove. In reference to the Rabbit And Turtle Story, I am not the Rabbit.:laugh:

    But I enjoy my SIM's and try to get results. :)
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  7. Keith_G


    Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that you were new or didn't understand the basics - my mistake. I will say that it has been a challenge in R3E to set up first my logitec g27 (even more challenging) and then the Fanatec which seems to work much better. I am still making small changes to try and make it better. I would like to know your wheel setup and compare it so I will send you a PM. Thanks for the link although I don't read Italian which I assume it is in and I have never tried NKP but it looks like AC will be a real winner.

    As for setting up cars in R3E I have found it a bit difficult to find the right settings but am making some progress even though many settings are missing and you have no tire temps to work with. Unfortunately you can't save the settings so you have to copy them down and re-enter them each time you start a new session. I did get to spend some time at Monza this weekend and have gotten down to 1:39 but most of this is probably due to my improved driving rather than an improved setup. I will send you the setup when I have a chance to copy it and maybe then we can compare if it works for you or if you have a better setup. I tried a lot of different things but still can't get to 1:38. I don't know if you can use Traction Control in Get Real mode or not but I'm not using any aids as I suppose you are not also. I mostly improved when I realized that I was overdriving most of the tight corners. I haven't driven at Monza since using Gran Prix Legends and there were no chicanes in the 1967 track :)!
  8. Thank you, no offense taken, appreciated you were trying to help me.
    The manual is in English, lol.
  9. Keith_G


    Interesting, the link in your post went to the Italian site and opened the pdf in Italian. I looked around the site and found a download link to the english version so all is well. Makes a lot more sense now ;)
  10. Keith_G


    Sorry this has been so long but I have been out of town for quite some time. I will send you a setup to try but something which helped me considerably you might want to try. I left everything as default but started playing with the brake bias as I was driving and realized I could really improve my cornering by setting the brake bias for the first chicane and Parabolica at 56/44 and then change to 53/47 for everything else. It improved my lap times by over a second but again that may be due to improved knowledge of the track. I would be interested to know if that helps you at all. Thanks kg
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  11. Have you found that brake bias affects car handling, even when not braking? It does in GT5.
    Or did you find it affects the car behavior strictly while braking?
    I have to admit not getting near satisfaction with my wheel feeling with that (Ferrari) P4/5. It always feels a little floating and I have no idea where the grip is at. The Judd feels better.
  12. Keith_G


    I'm at work so I can't test it much :D but it seems to help most when exiting the first chicane (Variante del Rettifilo) at 56/44 and when exiting the 2nd Lesmos and the varieante Escari at 53/47. Both times when I am using the brakes lightly to set up for the exit. It makes the car more balanced as it rotates through the turn which results in it being more stable as I exit so I can get on the gas faster. I haven't noticed that it helps much except when I brake going into or through a corner. (by the way I misspoke, the the 56/44 works much better in the Parabolica not the Curva Grande -corrected now in the original post). As for other set up changes,
    I also lowered the ride height to 7 front and 8.5 rear, put the rear wing at 12 and lowered the front a/r bar 1 notch and increased the rear bar by 1 notch. I have also found that adjusting the bump/rebound to 6/7 or 4/6 helps but that might be related to the way I drive. I will send you the whole setup when I get home and you can work through the changes to see which ones help. I suspect that my time improvement is 60% experience and 40% setup or maybe even 70/30.

    I totally agree that it is a tricky car and I find it easier to drive many of the other cars but with the setup I now have I feel more in control. Really enjoying learning the setups in this game (but sad we can't save them yet), but it does seem quite different than other games including other simbin simulations.
  13. where can I find the tire telemetry on this game?...i need it to set proper camber angle
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  14. Andi Goodwin

    Andi Goodwin

    there is none in game