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Car like mounted pedals.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ethan Bass, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. I just saw the new Thrustmaster T500RS GT5 Wheel on the front page, and it does look good, but dought it'll work on the pc, but don't care about that.

    The most interesting thing about this wheel and pedals, is how the pedals are mounted. Not like standard pedals, and that got me thinking, how many wheels have pedals like that, or how easy would it be to mount a set of pedals like you have them in a car?

    Now, I'm not great at building things, and don't have access to things like a metal workshop, so I need, either A) A wheel and pedal set mounted like so, that is as good as a G25 (never been that big of a fan of this things pedals, wheel good, shifter, not stiff enough i.e. too much give), B) A stand alone pedal set like the Club Sport pedals that'll work with the G25, mounted like so, or C) Someone has a rig that lets you mount the g25's pedals in the posistion I've talking about.

    That Thrustmaster is the first kind of set that I've seen to have pedals like that, reasons I would like a set similar to them is, more comfortable, less chance of pressing more than one pedal (the amount of times my left foot has either gotten stuck under the clutch, or it's tried pressign both is annoying when I only use the clutch off the line) and I would think a pedal set like that would make feel and pedal control, a good bit better.

    Thanks if you can help.
  2. CST pedals are mounted like that, as are ECCI's.

    Not many more from memory.
  3. Hi Ethan :)

    Fanatecs CSP's can be inverse mounted quite easily and with a bit of effort so can logitechs G25/7 pedals also :)
  4. Thanks for the info. But my god those are expensive, and unfortunatly, me being a college student, don't have those kinds of funds at the moment. Thanks though.

    Do you have a guide to doing it, or a frame that I could mount mine on to?
  5. Hi

    No guide atm, but after xmas, along with finishing the tut I was gonna do a small article about inverting pedals :)
  6. Cool, thanks.