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car is to shinie

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Danni Fugl, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. hi im almost dont with the car but for some reason the car is really shiny. does anybody know why ?

    Thanks on advance
  2. you need to copy the alpha layer from the car in the mod as the one on the templates isnt right. also you need to make the dds image size smaller ;)
  3. yes its 1024*1024 right ?

    And how do you copy the alpha layer ?
  4. you have to make it. go to channels in PS and right click on one of the channels and then creat a new channel. it will be automaticlly signed as alpha. the brighter the alpha is, more shiny your car will be.:)
  5. I also want to mention that copying the alpha from the existing car (not from the template as there is none) might not make you happy as it is made for the original skin specificly. So in different possitions and angles it may result in seeing logos of the original car (for example red bull) as only reflections on your skin.
    The way you should go is as explained above: go in photoshop to the window with the chanels. then on the right side there is a drop-down menue. Click on it and select "create new chanel". It will automaticly create an alpha-chanel. Now you could take it a step further and tweak that alpha chanel to your likings. The darker the color in the alpha-chanel is (less opacity) the less shiny the car gets in game at that part. So you can make the alpha layer darker at parts you want it to shine less and a bit brighter (lighter color) where you want the car a bit more shiny.
    Hope that helps you.

  6. now when i try to save it it sais error, there is too many channels

  7. just don´t make the alpha channel visible when saving the files. Think that should solve it. Let it be there but don´t make it visible (NO EYE ICON ON IT).
  8. Flatten layers before saving or, for "safety reasons", save first in .tga with alpha channel and open the .tga and save in .dds.
  9. its all done. car is done XD