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Helmets Captain America Helmet 1.0

helmet based on captain america theme

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  1. pls joker or batman helmet :thumbsup:
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  2. You did it again...awesome.very stylish helmet:thumbsup:
  3. You AGAIN!!!!!!! ;)
    Super stuff my friend. I knew you couldnt leave us for long. :thumbsup:
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  4. 8/10, It's a great work I admit it buuuuut honestly I thought it would be more like his movie helmet not like a movie ad helmet!
    Otherwise it would be 10/10 but it's just my opinion. Awesome work still.
  5. i dont have the right words to say more but i say great,great work amazing paint:thumbsup:thanks you:)
  6. Whats next? :whistling:
  7. only i know:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  8. Hmmm........Goofy? :roflmao:
  9. Great job man, as always!
    Joker please!!!
  10. GREAT !
  11. I've just gotta say : THAT IS UTTERLY INSANE!!! What a stunning design mate. That's gold right there! Cheers.
  12. Hi, I could not change the helmet in the game, copied the file to the folder bespokehelmets, but nothing has changed. This mod changes the carreita way or the grand prize?
  13. You cannot see it in helmet select only when you on track
    Example if this is named pssg25 then in helmet select you choose helmet 25 and then in the game -car you see the helmet