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Can't seem to run BTB Track Packs.

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by 86THEMADHATTER, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Hey guys i'm new to RSRBR and i'm installing a few BTB tracks, Finland and a few more.

    When i load a stage i get as far as choosing selecting my default profile. Then i'm stuck with the camera panning over and back across the front of the garage with no car setup option or start stage.

    I can't seem to find anyone with this issue.
    Appreciate any ideas or solutions.
  2. By "my default profile" you probably mean something other than MULLIGATAWNY? And there's your problem: you're trying to launch the game with a car slot that isn't unlocked in the basic game.

    You need to use MULLIGATAWNY as a profile for all access 24/7, or alternatively play hell of a lot of RBR to unlock everything.
  3. Sorry i should have said i'm using the MULLIGATAWNY profile. I just called it the default since it's the one everyone has to use.

    On a side note, when i pressed Esc while i was stuck in this camera pan of the garage, when i pressed up and down i could here the sound of moving through the menu's. Finally loaded the stage but in a different car and what looked like snowy finland. No matter what BTB track i choose(then once again blindly hitting keys to get out of the garage camera panning thing), i end up in the same stage with a random car.
    I noticed as it loaded it said BTB Mod 2014. Perhaps i'm missing an update? I have all the RBR updates downloaded. Did i miss one for the BTB tracks?

    Sorry for the short novel here but just trying to give you as much info as i can.
  4. Oh damn, I was so sure that I got it right straight away. :)

    Well, reading your short story (it's pleasantly detailed, every credit), I'd say there aren't too many options. One thing that's not clear is whether you mean BTB stages as a country pack or just Finnish BTB stages in general (installed one by one to RXRSRBR folder, that is). I guess you mean a Country Pack because of that "BTB Mod 2014" notion. I can't check that one out myself but in case you're referring to some menu background pic, I'm sure it's nothing serious.

    So, if the issue is with a BTB Country Pack: Very likely a case of a corrupt installer, download and install the country pack again. Be thorough: turn off your antivirus etc. when downloading and installing anything from Rallyesim.

    If it's a BTB stage installed to RXRSRBR folder: Very likely a case of a wrong folder structure in 7z-file.