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Can't see Kers use on cockpit view

Discussion in 'F1 2013 - The Game' started by Gadget63, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. I am only on amateur and gone from Torro Rosso to Williams and for the first time I am enjoying the game. The tracks are no more ice rinks 3 laps from pit stop. I know it's my driving more than the game but difference is great, won first race in Melbourne.
    Any way after this season when I go to an even better car I want cockpit view as I haven't got the skills so many of you have got. How you can do Legend is unreal to me. On practice I have been trying to start getting used to it but can't see kers or drs levels, been looking at menu and no luck. I am obviously missing something simple, can someone tell me how do I see it please.

    Many Thanks
  2. It's actually all on the wheel.

    DRS is a green led that turns from black to green when you're in DRS zones. The led will be in different locations depending on the car you drive, around top left or top right, just below the digital led displays. When DRS is activated, the green light will blink in/out.

    For KERS, it shows as K### in the right digital led display of your wheel (the one that shows your track position) whenever you press the Kers button. It'll tick down from K400 to K0 as you use it.

    BTW, if you're on PC, some view mods allow you to have cockpit view and HUD with KERS / DRS icons.
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  3. This is from Marussia --

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  4. Big thank you for your time, got it now. I use Xbox so no change. Anyway thanks again.