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Cant save with mods :(

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Wog_Man7, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. i can not save with any mods installed how so sad
    **** CODIES
  2. A couple people on this forum have been trying to find a work-around where you get to keep the positive aspects of the patch and your mods. I've thrown a few things at it but come up empty, and I'm all out of ideas. I'm sure someone will work something out. Just try to be patient (I'm failing at this) and it'll all work out.
  3. There are many files in the patch that are identical to the original files that came with the game at retail. Many are in the cars folder, the ai folder. These files are in the patch but haven't been altered. It took me a while to figure out why they are there.. It is cause they are cheat protected files and you need them present and unmodified to run the game after the patch. Changes to these files seem to cause the "no save" problem people are experiencing. It can be anything from a missing catchup file to a modded xml for faster ai...

    This is a brute force approach to cheat prevention and they are also protecting their licence from to much modification of the game by 3rd parties (i.e people here!).

    I have F12010 1.01 patch running now with only one bug remaining (time-trial replay bug)! I used the core workmap fix to get puddles back and removed database / AI / track mods to get the save function back.

    I did have to do a complete reinstall to get everything cleaned up and then back up everything so I could work out what mods I could use and which ones I can't. Damage mod is ok. All skins / helmets / liveries / gloves are ok. Catchup and AI mods are not ok. Any changes to database are not ok, and track folder entires like AI_vehicle_track etc are not ok. Any tampering or moving these files in anyway seems to blow the savegame function ....

  4. Uff


    At the moment I have no problem here: I just did a fresh F1 2010 install and I let GFWL download the patch. Then I added some graphic mods and everything's work fine.
    Try to make a fresh F1 2010 installation and remember to completely remove your previous one, if it's there after uninstallation.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    You can't blame the developer for your mods causing problems. They officially not even support modding so its all at your own risk
  6. Wow that really sucks jace11 i guess if i was a Company that made a kickass game i wouldnt mind others making it even more kickass Ive lost alot of respect for codies first they release a game with the most bugs ive ever seen then there patch block the best mods or good mods WTF (thanks for the info im trying now but my net only downloads at 256 KB/s so its a all nighter let u know tommarow wat happens)

    And JWS381 Take ur time man im patient ive got alot i mean alot of other games to play but ill be checking back here every hour or so to see if any changes have been made
  7. Install the game, take the patch unpacked available on download section of this site, unzip everything except flow.bin to system folder. The game will launch as it is perfectly updated but will save with mods :)
  8. doubt it will when u modified the db or other xml files, i was allready dropping in files one by one seeing what is blocking the save, ill give your solution a go
  9. Anyone know which file is responsible for the fix of pitbug and split times? Would that be the F1_game.exe?

  10. all you need to do is put the orig database back in after patching and the game will work again even with all the mods you may use and it will start auto saving again. hope this helps it worked for me.
  11. Just like juji33 said, I have all my Mods running, all I did was put back the original Database.
  12. I'm a little bit confused now, you put back the original database after the patch or before? And, after that, put the mod that change the database too? like the 40+ flashbacks.
  13. Interesting :). I've anyways wiped off my old install to re-install. Will install vanilla 1.0 version, backup the DB and then do the update. Lets see how that goes. Thanks guys!
  14. I patched the game and then moved a copy of the original DB to my Modded game. Now I don't know if this makes a difference but the DB came out of a clean install that I had applied the patch to.

    I have not tried the MODs that touch the DB, please let me know if it works.
  15. Are you currently using any mod that plays with the Ai or vehicle xml files though? Could you try this mod and seeing if the save game still works? http://www.racedepartment.com/f1-20...e-added-ai-slow-corner-fix-all-tracks-v1.html
  16. Atm any file that changes the database and i think also the surface_materials.xml will stop u from saving the game. Codies did this to prevent online cheating i guess.
  17. Couldn't save with a modified surface_materials.xml either, despite using the original database.bin. Funny enough that a modded compounds.dat does not prevent the game from saving, so grip mods are still possible.

    I really dislike the new anticheat feature. It's ok if the game prevents connections to multiplayer games when using modded files, but the way it is now it really messes up my single player experience. Eventually I'll probably refrain from playing career mode and multiplayer, and do only single GP races. I'd trade the saving feature in for a higher quality overall experience, that mods will hoepfully provide one day, if I can't have both mods and saving at the same time.
  18. Great tip... works :)

  19. Perfect tyvm