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can't install mini challenge!

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jose Borges, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. everytime i try to install the latest DLC (mini) the installer stops at C:\....\GSC.exe and gives some error about a moviclip2... I have 3 options: Abort, try again or ignore
    Try again didn't work and ignore made the installer "stall" again later with the same options.
    Clicked Ignore again and the installer puts all the cars in place along with sounds BUT removes GSC.exe from the main folder (?????!!!!!) which i bought for 24€ about a year ago!!
    I bought the digital version and downloaded the digital DLC.
    tried installing the FULL digital setup on top of the already installed folder so that i would recover the GSC.exe which worked but did not load the MINI mod!

    Right now i don't know what to do and I would post this in the support forum page which existed but i didn't find it!

    I hope Reiza can help and of course anyone who reads this thread!

    Thaks in advance!
  2. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    The original problem is most likely down to a corrupted download.

    If GSC.exe is "disappering" though, it could be an antivirus flagging a false positive and deleting it automatically, if that´s the case you need to configure the AV to ignore GSC.exe.

    Finally, a fresh install might be a good option, not over an existing install.

    The full installer for GSC2012 already updated to v1.1 can be downloaded below:

  3. it says: "An error ocurred trying to rename a file"
    It doesn't say exactilly this because it is in portuguese
    To reiza: "Ocorreu um erro ao renomear um arquivo no diretório de destino:
    MovieFile falhou; código 2.
    O sistema não conseguiu localizar o ficheiro especificado."

    thanks in advance
  4. Ok Reiza i'll download the files again and update the thread!
    I downloaded the game through a torrent file, i think from virtualR.net!

    thanks for fast reply!
  5. I unistall everything i had of GSC! When i try to install the files I downloaded from the links links provided above the problem continues!

    What to do??
  6. I know what to do!! Which is turning off anti-virus!! :coffee:
    Thanks Reiza!
  7. are you running the installer as admin?

  8. I had this issue and ended up reinstalling windows as nothing i did worked,
    i've got windows 7 64 bit professional,do you get the "insufficient secondary access" aswell.....?
  9. I ran installer as admin, tried many things,the only thing that worked was shutting down antivirus during installation! then i reactivated antivirus! game is working fine!
    btw mini challenge is very fun!

    @Dave: reinstalling windows would never be an option to me! and i didn't get get that message, only that gsc.exe couldn't be "renamed", whatever that is in PC language!
  10. That's weird.....i got both and the only"Cure"i could find was for XP which didn't work on 7,

    Glad you got it up and running,with "spotterplugin 2.17" it just makes so much sense.....loving the physics especially the tyres