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Skins Canon Williams 1.0

Fantasy car

  1. Not bad but too simple change and on the front wing side it looks bad cause it's white around the canon logo not yellow as it should be.
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  2. I make what I can !
  3. I agree it's hard thanks to Codemasters but still too simply design. I bet you could come up with something more ineresting. But still it's up to you as you said.
  4. nice copy paste haha
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2013
  5. I prefere playboys that Elf !
    Haha ! :p
  6. we need moar sponsors :D well but it looks interesting :)
  7. Thanks but or is the williams fW16 ayrton sil you please you can do
  8. If you will still keep writing requests on the threads i will report you.