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Cannot save Video Mode (Resolution) settings

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Ton van Rijn, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Every time I start DR it reverts to resolution 1024 x 768 and Full Screen Off, although I set it to 1920 x 1080 and On. Other settings are saved however.

    I tried everything I can think of. Run the game as administrator, change the resolution and full screen in hardware config, save it and set to Read Only, but nothing helps. Every time it goes to 1024 x 768.

    I also updated to the latest drivers of my Geforce GTX 460. I have Windows 8.1 Pro btw.

    Does anyone have a solution ?
  2. Have some mods installed?
  3. No, nothing at all.
  4. You 've done all the things i can think. The last setting that maybe is wrong, is the refresh rate.
    My refresh rate at windows 10 so propably at 8.1 too, must set at 59 and not 60.
    So if you have not try it, maybe is the solution. Change it and i hope it helps.
    <refreshRate rate="59" />
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  5. Thanks for your reply.
    I assume that you mean the refresh rate setting in game. If so: It is at 59 Hz and it is not possible to set it at 60.
    Anyway, although I don't know why, I have it working now. The only thing I have to do every time is to maximize the window and then Alt+Enter twice. When I do that and go to Video Mode, it is at 1920 x 1080 and Full Screen On. When I don't Alt + Enter I see Resolution = Custom
  6. I cant think anything else, if i find anything i ll let you know, at least you found a way to play ;)
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