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can walk around car in pitstop?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Anti_Tech, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. and talk people in pitstop about car
    walk around look teammate car and talk to setup car
    same rpg game i like
    walk get in car
    get out car
    grid line start wet race or dry race
    wait time for race and talk
    same real tv i see
  2. i doubt it, this is a racing game not a virtual world, it would be a nice feature in singleplayer maybe aslong as it doesn't take very long, in multiplayer it would be very bad.
  3. I can see this being a great novilty at first, but it will get really annoying and boring after a while just waiting around all the time
  4. thank for Reply
    ok but user can cancle wait time i think
    talk little bit and ai can help seting car
    for perfect game
  5. I do think that having a race engineer actually help you set up your car would be a great feature, and one that hasn't been seen in a lot of games. Of course, it would also be quite difficult to make it work well...
  6. It is a good idea but if you want that there's Test Drive Unlimited 2. CM are never going to be able to implement that into F1 2011 or F1 2012 most likely.
  7. Boby Kim

    Boby Kim
    There is no spoon...

    Well, it would be great to walk upon the podium, shaking the bottle...
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Seems to me that there are quite a lot of suggestions for things that are just eye candy... I just want the stuff that really matters (handling, setups, AI, data) to be right and then I'll be happy regardless of helmets, walk arounds, etc.
  9. codemaster
    arcade and sim is good
    i just want to see The difference between 2010, 2011.
    new graphic close real world or same
    ai Mechanic team difference
    in help seting car
    team radio difference
    ai team mate help we
    and the view more cam
    safty car and warmup laps
    replay full race
    same BBC Formula 1
    and more
  10. I heard the below is already under development for F1 2012...

    Free mode gives users more freedom to view {certain segments of} each race track. This mode will be explained in career mode below.

    After all pre-season options have been addressed and the player is ready to begin race one the track contents load as in F1 2010. Once completed the user does not appear seated in his car in the pit garage as similar to F1 2010. Rather once the particular track is loaded the suited up user is shown seated in his trailer with no helmet. Once activated by the user he stands up and the camera pans to a 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] person view right behind the driver. The timer begins to tick as practice time expires and you the user control the driver as you see fit.

    Within the trailer the user can work w/ agent by checking email at a laptop on the desk. He can access current season info on the internet (contract offers, other teams R&D info, cool F1 related articles, history). He can walk into his closet and edit his helmet for the particular race session. He can look at current race results/season stats. As time progresses other cars begin practice. You can hear as cars leave the pit area and accelerate and you can also hear cars on hot laps as they fly by. Very little can be heard from the crowd/media as it’s practice. The user can simulate time while in the trailer, move into his garage to begin practice, or end this practice session altogether.

    When the user chooses to exit the trailer to practice he approaches the door and presses the action button. The user then exits the trailer and enters the garage area returning to free mode.

    Within the garage the user can see most of what is present in F1 2010 only in a much more dynamic way. He can walk around to both ends of the garage to where his car is being worked on by his crew and to where his teammate’s car is. If the user spent a lot of time in the trailer there will be times when his teammate will be on track. The user can chose to walk up to his crew chief and access similar options to F1 2010. He can look at various monitors within the garage at other cars lap times and tv camera style video of them doing their laps. There is a pit board that can be viewed that lists each driver and their location and times for the session. The user can walk up to his car and chose to view it from several different angles or to get in. When the user chooses to get in; one of the pit crew members hands the driver his {custom} helmet and assists the driver into his seat and with attaching all safety harnesses. Once in position the camera returns to 1[SUP]st[/SUP] person view like F1 2010. The monitor is placed similarly and you can begin practice at your choosing, sim time, etc.

    When the user chooses to end his current series of laps within a session he can access the menu and exit to trailer, exit to pits/garage, or drive his car into the pits manually. Just as in F1 2010 the pit crew will push his car into the garage space and when the monitor is placed back on the car you can now choose to either remain seated while making adjustments to the car, view times or to exit the car. The pit crew assists you unbuckle, stand up, remove helmet and get up. You then return to free mode within your garage with the remaining session time available for you to do whichever you please.

    This general framework will be available in all race sessions with modified details based on the factors of each session with the exception of race day.

    When the race day session loads your user loads in the trailer similarly to every other session. Rather than sounds of cars there is an abundance of crowd noises, music, & PA announcements. At the users choosing he approaches the trailer door and presses the action button to exit to the pit area.

    Within the garage there are crew members but neither car. The user is able to now walk out onto the pit lane where several race officials and media are running around. The grandstands are packed to capacity and some fans are on track. On the other side of the pit lane wall is the starting grid where all race cars are parked in race order. In free mode you make your way across the pit lane and onto the race track. On the way you are able to see other drivers walking with their pit chief. You can choose to accept interview offers from certain media members. Once on track you are able to view all other race cars and access info/stats on each driver/team. At the front of the grid is a timer ticking down from 15 minutes to signify the start of the parade lap. At the user’s choosing he can approach his own car and choose to get in. A pit member puts on his helmet and assists him in the seat and to apply all harnesses. Last second mechanical checks are done as timer continues now in 1[SUP]st[/SUP] person mode. At this point the user can do choose to remain seated in his car until time expires, simulate time until parade lap begins or view pre-race from TV style camera until time expires.
  11. wh...whha...WHAT??? :confused: :confused: :confused:.
  12. Kyle Puttifer

    Kyle Puttifer
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Martin Brundle? I'd love to be part of his gridwalk. :wink:
  13. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    Things like that would actually make the SP much better. I don't think you ever will be able to get a sim from codemasters, so why not make it OK to drive and a lot of F1 stuff outside. And the slogan "Live the dream" (and the nightmares)