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Can I pay someone in USA to send me v115 FULL INSTALLER?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Robert DeGroff, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Hello All,

    I am in Austin, Texas and have been trying for 3-days and over 12-hours to download the v115 FULL INSTALLER files. It always cuts out and is never the correct size.I have tried from multiple locations, numerous browsers and have given up.

    I will pay $30 + shipping to anyone in the USA who can send me it on DVD-R or flash drive right away. It must be verified that it installs and match these file sizes.
    Or send to me and I will put on a torrent. I'm shocked no one has.

    Yes, I realize this is only the installer and I will still need to purchase the "license".

    I can only imagine how many other people have had the same issue and given up, I asked all my local sim friends and 4 had the same issue and the others hear it "was too hard to install".

    Thank you,
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  2. Already try the download links which provide by Reiza Studio ?? Link here : -
    Game Stock Car Extreme Download Link

    Mine download from there no problem at all. By the way i download using Internet Download Manager.
  3. If I could do it, I would send it for free, as other people should. You shouldn't have to pay that much man.
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  4. Nox

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    @Robert DeGroff Try using Chrome instead of IE.

    @Reiza Studios any way you can help? Alternate download link, or perhaps a torrent of the installers? :)
  5. I've all ready tried all the above numerous times from 2 different PC's and even a different location. My friends have the same issues. If I can get it, I will post on a torrent and post the link here, so please all check back later and seed the heck out of it.

    I do appreciate everyone's help! You've save me some hair ripping out...
  6. I used the second mirror(thanks to SRE) here in this link above and got it downloaded pretty quickly. The others were much slower or timed out.

    If that doesn't work, have you tried this link?


    Make sure you click the BLUE download button, not the green one download buttons.
  7. Finally downloaded it! Did it with Firefox on a macbook. No idea why my expensive Win7 machine didn't, but finally installed. I will post tomorrow on a torrent and post the link here. Thank you everyone for the help!
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  8. Good to know you finally got it but seriously i suggest using downloader next time instead of any explorer, much safer & reliable.

    By the way i download via mirror 3 without any problem at all, i have only 4Mbps download speed so each take me a while but no timed out or any issue even some of them i actually pause & resume at later time.
  9. If you use Firefox try "Downthemall". It's a great FF Add on and it allows you to do a bunch of real useful stuff.

    Also, the way I downloaded a clean install of the game was to copy and paste the Sync utilities, put it in a different folder (at the same level. For some reason it didn't work in a subdirectory).
    Then I turned it on and it downloaded the whole thing.