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Discussion in 'Racer' started by FiftyOrange, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Did he make it here?

    Searching for posts by his username brings back nothing, and I haven't seen him here either.

  2. I'm pretty sure he knows we are here (he didn't until I said where "Racer" had moved to), but real life has kept him busy for a bit over the last 3 months or so.

    I think Ruud could do with putting something on his blog or the main page of racer.nl so people who are lost can find the light :D

  3. Do you speak to him regularly? I'd like to contact him about some stuff.

    Completely agree that racer.nl should link to racedepartment.com
  4. Haha, funny to think someone noticed my absence.

    As Dave mentioned, life's keeping me busy atm.

    I'm still here, I'm lurking atm because I don't have much to post unfortunately, I'm quite disappointed in a lot of stuff I've seen on this forum TBH, simply because I know the standard that racer CAN be at, but judging by the screenies thread, a lot of people are too interested in quick conversions rather than quality work, but I suppose that's down to the individual in the end. I know EA's models are good, better than mine most probably, it's just disappointing to see the lack of effort on the converter's end.

    That's why I've been quiet...Trying to motivate myself to help racer be at the quality it can.
    Suffice to say, I'm working on some stuff.

    Having said that, if there are any questions I see on the forums I can help with, I'll chirp in; I in fact did in the thread about the lights...funny that a search of my username didn't tag any results.

    I'll PM you my contact details.
  5. TiberiuS is brewing up some amazing stuff, far ahead of the vast majority of Racer content, and definitely comparable to games like Forza and Gran Turismo. As Mr Whippy has been saying for a long while, I think if Ruud were to make a final version of Racer, we'd all have a better definitive standard to work with, and I think quality, of everything, would be improved as a result.
  6. Yeah, Cam posted a couple of weeks back in the thread I made about the projected lights :)

    TBH, real life gets in the way here too lately, for a few days I have the time then don't get any for a couple of weeks. And I gotta agree with Cam, I'm disappointed too, mainly that things move so slow in Racer - Ruud gives some input for a couple of weeks here and there and then everything stalls again for 6 months in between. It's like a vicious circle really, if there was more development going on, people would be more motivated to contribute.

    Really, the main thing I'm waiting for is some better weather, I'm trying to get some photos together to use as textures, mainly grass, trees, plants..that kind of thing. Santa bought me a nice digital SLR and I've got a box full of old lenses and filters too (old Olympus OM fit but work nice with adaptors..), some really nice stuff in there that I'm learning to use. Ideal to get some nice high res textures for track making, I'd really like to be able to do a track without needing to re-use anyone else's textures on it, really high quality tree and building textures etc. I used to try making textures with my old digicam but it's really something you need a decent camera for, especially once you get into alpha'd textures like trees.

    The problem is, I can do alright at the creative stuff, but the maths really bugs me, thats where I usually get stuck and give up on an idea. Like with making the projected lights work..it needs maths knowledge which is just beyond me.

    Fifty: you can drop the capital S at the end of my nick, when I joined RSC some jammy bugger had already taken Tiberius hence why I had to go with -TiberiuS-, every other version of the name was taken :D
  7. I do ok on the math/code. Racer sort of needs new documentation at this point though, a lot of the new features are not described anywhere, or are out of date. I know how to put projected headlights onto a car.ini but I don't know how the game generates them or anything, so I can't adapt the technique for streetlights, or to make brakelights cast a red glow or whatever.

    I just don't have the time to put into the creating aspect. I did a few cars in high school (4-6 months of putting in quite a few hours a week for each vehicle, really) but at university I seem to be busy every day. I even have a new camera for whatever purposes, but from what I can tell a track is a bigger undertaking than a car (too bad nobody around here owns old French cars from the 1950s...). Just having something to fiddle with would be nice though, so I could try the moveables and such. I'm using the RX-7 as a testbed for new features because I'm familiar with the model (it is getting a brand new spinning hood ornament soon, to test cg animation), but I don't have anything like that in terms of a track.

    On my list of things to do is also learning how Blender animation and scripting work, so I can maybe get an animated driver set up. Paul Walker is showing his age, he's a bit stiff.
  8. I don't have a that old French car (only from the late 70's) but I often in French car meetings… so if you need any references, just ask what you're looking for, I'll do my best to get it right! ;)

  9. Ruud did post a link to racedepartment/racer on racer.nl!
  10. Yes he did :)

  11. Hmm, I think the main thing I'm missing right now is pictures of the 1955-1957 Aronde speedometer & general steering column area. I have enough to get the shapes right, but nothing that could be used for details (numbers or labels). That and texture quality pictures of the lights in general. I may have borrowed the current headlight from a Volvo Amazon. Once I've got more of the interior modeled I'll probably have a better idea of what's missing and I can send you a message.
  12. Hmmm, I never saw that...

    There are still links on there to RSC though, no entry in the blog either. I'm sure on the main page it said something like RSC was the official forum and was a constant link. Going to Racer.nl now and there is no evidence of RaceDepartment anywhere obvious being the new home of Racer fans etc :) :(

    The only note is from the early 09 outage to direct here, but nothing saying RSC is gone for good.

    Ah, found it via the 'forum' link, but that wasn't clear, I thought Ruud had a little forum set up, not that that was a page with forum links on :D

    Could be clearer is all I will say. If even half of those active at RSC looked on Racer.nl and saw a link to here, then it would be a LOT busier here!