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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, May 27, 2009.

  1. Hi, anyway to make a camera completely static, focus only to one direcction?

  2. I've not checked it out in practice, but it looks like if you click on the Advanced tab and uncheck the 'Tracking' box before you add a new camera that would make a static camera.

    Make sure your view is exactly where you want the camera to point though, as it probably records that.
  3. it's true, all of it!
  4. Hum, thanks!!!,
  5. hi, after uncheck the tracking, the camera stands still, no movement, buuuuuttttt it is not pointed to the point I ve added the camera, it is rolled, dont know why, what i ve done is that:
    I move to the point I want to place the camera, then adjust the side i want to watch, and press +, so camera is added and points to the desired point, and then of course, uncheck the tracking, then in Rfactor it points to nowhere.

    And about moving cameras, I dont get the efect, everything seems ok, but in rfactor there is no displacement.

  6. You have to adjust the Movement rate of the camera ... BTB default is 5.0 ... Way to fast and you won't notice it ...

    Try 0.3 for starters ... then you will have to adjust these later ... inside the cam file and using an add-on tool outside BTB (guitarmaen's AIW-Cam editor is what I would recommend) ... and this will take lots of tweaking to make them good ... cus every turn is different so the speed of the camera movement should be different too ... unless you get lazy like I do and just gette a speed to work ok with everything ...

    as with everything the more you do this the motion tracking kinda just becomes automatioc to assign a reasonable value ...
  7. hi, I could not load the cam file to AIW-Cam editor, but anyway wtih BTB, should be possible to adjust, the orientation and movement of static and moveable cameras, but i could not do it :(, I ve tried to change numbers but without good result. :(

    So any other ideas would be appreciated

  8. hello
    and camaras to rbr on the replays? is possible to change
  9. I had the same problem.. I can seem to get my 1 camera to move.. It seems to want to start were I started the Cam but not move up in the direction I have set it.. Changing numbers does not move it slower or faster for that matter...

    Will try Cam editor as mentioned above but was hoping not to use a secondary program so as to make updates later easier to achieve..
  10. hi, using another program to make a better adjust is allways an "extra handicap", a waste of time, so I hope piddy to see this, and give a solution!!

  11. Hello,
    I used successfully the camera groups, 80 cameras shared around the track, with 4 groups. It works perfectly..., but only on rFactor.
    I copied the cam file in GTR Evo, it's not working, each camera is active one by one, without any group distinction.
    I made a conversion, exporting my camera file with BTB Evo demo, same result.
    I checke the cam tool, the groups are exactly the same than in BTB Pro, but in the game, it's not working.
    What can I do ? I don't want to go back to the AIW CAM Editor...
  12. Yeah my cameras have worked and have worked for some time (except that the Mic is not pointing in the direction of the 'Set to current View), you see this in the Cam Editor..

    I think the original post was regarding the moving cameras not working, not the cameras as a whole..

    There was one camera I wanted to move as it did back in the 2002 Canberra V8's so last night spent time trying to figure out way.. Here is what I found..

    First for some reason I needed 4 control points (ctrl & mouse click to add extra point). I had one where the camera starts, one where it ends with two in the middle on the same path (curved path or not doesn't matter). Now I had movement..

    BUT I found another problem with BTB with the movements.. The slowest speed I could choose was 0.1 and on my track and the shortish distance it was traveling it was way to quick.. So with either editing the Cam file or using the Cam Editor I could change this figure (in my case) down to 0.01 which made it perfect to the movement of the camera back then in 2002 (for those who know the track I'm referring to Holden Corner).

    So if Piddy could fix this little problem also, allowing us to go lower than 0.1 (obviously 0 is still but to go 0.001 would still be nice)..

    Hope that helps..
  13. HI, camera groups work fine, but my problem is with static and dynamic cameras, static point where the system wants, and dynamic does not move, :(, i suppose there is a way, but i dont find it

  14. Hi, Yes camera groups work fine, but on my file, only on rFactor. On GTR Evo, it doesn't work fine, and I don't understand why.