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Cameras Cameras Vacuum and Trepidation 3.1

Fom Cockpit Mod Cam

  1. vlasovas submitted a new resource:

    3.0 - Fom Cockpit Mod Cam

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  2. It looks nice :)
    I think so
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  3. epic!!!
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  4. Man...i'm really lost for words! After doing a few races and time trial laps with this mod I am simply lost for words. 5 stars just isn't enough rating for your mind blowing work, this is as damn impressive as it gets!!! Can't wait to see what you've got in the pipeline mate, thankyou so much for your dedication and time to bring us something of this amazing quality.:D:)
  5. 'm doing update, fixing the position of the cameras when it enters to change tires, which I forgot to do
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  6. Im fairly new to the game and mods and seeking many options, tried allot of cam mods but Im sticking with this, very good for more simulator feel and look for sure.
  7. the idea was always to do the mod with fewer cycles of cameras, I like many different positions, but into play are very disruptive, so I decided to try to express as much realism that I was able in my view according to a video from a user, I tried to recreate what vi, of course ... if it was put across trepidation seen on video, many would not like, but I believe it was balanced, and enjoyable to play! mainly in the classics, wait for the update! I'm correcting the pitlane entrance and lifted a few millimeters to the height ferrari and force indian
  8. Marvelous @vlasovas
    thank you for the mod mate :thumbsup:
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  9. vlasovas updated Cameras Vacuum and Trepidation with a new update entry:

    Cameras Vaccum and Trepidation UPDATED

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  10. You ripper, thanks so much for the update. This is the definitive cam mod for any true die hard F1 fan who wants to get as close to the genuine article as possible. I feel a race coming on! :D
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  11. thank you for the compliment, it's nice when we see our work be well received! :thumbsup:
    many like to criticize and often people do not think in the time that the person lost their lives to do that job, and be cool about to share, is that attitude that makes us lose good modders, as the example, this year we have not had a mod visor for that reason, people need to learn to be more civilized and respect each other, understand that we are not a payroll, we do is because we like! in my opinion was a great loss, and for reasons of silliness of people who did not know appreciate a mod that has been awaited for years!
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  12. Spot on, mods are for our benefit and enjoyment, they are are a privilege and not a right. We should be showing that gratitude and respectfulness, I can only hope that the message gets across because we lose the greatest gift of all when we continue to bite the hand that feeds us. All the best mate.;)
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  13. Thank you very much for this mod mate. :thumbsup:
    It's not your first as you keep returning with new ideas to improve already great game. After one of the most downloaded file here (HD tyres) this seems to be another hit! ;)
    With this one immersion will improve for 122%. In my, humble, opinion.
    And... since you've been a (very) good boy ;) I'll go now to write one letter to Santa to bring you some decent wheel, because you, obviously, suffer with keyboard. :(
    I recon.... your mods, then, could only improve! :)
    I'm not saying that there's room for improving, of course.... :D
    Hope you don't mind my (bad) jokes here and - thank you once again!
    Keep up. Please.
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  14. you are a good observer, KKKK:roflmao:
    I use the keyboard, I no have steering wheel :cry:, playing with wireless keyboard lying on the bed, facing the TV
    hopefully Santa Claus will bring me a cockpit with steering wheel! because I can not buy one so soon, I have other priorities in front, I liked the joke this is the good spirit! :thumbsup:
  15. Hello Vlasovas,
    Very good camera thank you. I want to use it but i am not so experienced yet, so it is a bit to low for me, and would like to start a bit higher.
    What do i need to change to have a little higher seat >?
  16. edit cockpit cameras, according to your preference

    Paste the two files together in the camera folder or does not work
    run CMD as administrator

    tipe :

    cd ( after typing cd give a space, and paste or type the path of the camera )

    example :
    cd C:\Users\vlasovas\Desktop\zMISC\vlasovas cam Simple\cars\fc2

    click enter

    Copy and paste this line and hit enter, the thingy will transform the xml to text

    binXML.exe --textxml=cameras.txt.xml cameras.xml

    Edit what you want to be careful with the position of the lines only

    in Notepad of txt.xml, click: Edit / Find
    type HUD, and then press enter
    he will find this camera "head-camHUD" (are two cameras with the same name, the modification you make in the first have to do also in the second, the second is just below)
    locate the line:
    <Parameter name="position" type="vector3" x="0.0000" y="0.6650" z="0.0800" />
    (Not to say that the camera that you will work to have the same numerical values shown here)
    elevate slightly, the value in red, saving the text and following the instructions on rar, you can reach your taste, repeat the process on the other cameras

    then save and enter the line below in CMD to save xml

    binXML.exe --binxml=cameras.xml cameras.txt.xml
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2014
  17. wow this looks amazing, is this work with other mods like f1 2014 season by luna ?? because i need to download this beautiful mod of vlasovas
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  18. airutonpurosuto8912


    Sooooo great!
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  19. Works with unas mod I use it with it, I wont use anything else now this is perfect.
  20. I do not have the mod in question, but a user has already answered you above