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Camaro mismatch

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Quas, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. Quas

    Premium Member

    Hello Gentlemen,

    i thought i'll post this in case the guys at Reiza are unaware of the problem. There's a Camaro mismatch between some games, apparently it occurs between people that have downloaded GSC2012 when it came out and added the Mini-Challenge later and people that have downloaded the game including the Mini-Challenge.
    I was one of those that added the Minis after they came out (my GSC2012 install was completely unmodified, except Alex Sawczuk's addon tracks) and i couldn't race a friend of mine, who got GSC2012 after the Minis were released as a complete package.
    Re-downloading and -installing the game fixed it for us, but now most of the people that join our Camaro lobby get that mismatch, which is pretty frustrating as it's already hard enough to find some people to do some casual racing with.

    I hope something can be done about it as this sim is pretty close to perfect otherwise and the release of the Nordschleife was in my opinion the icing on an already delicious cake ;)

    Cheers, Jarek.
  2. I tried to join a Nordscheleife server with the Camaro and got the mismatch error,
    I have GSC 2012 and installed the mini later, I only have a few additional tracks and never modded any car.

    edit: I forgot to mention but it might be relevant, I have the retail version of the game (I mean, I have game stock car, the original version which bought in a store with the DVD, so I had to download a different version of GSC 2012 compared to the digital release, to install and then active with my retail key)
  3. Renato Simioni

    Renato Simioni
    Reiza Studios

    Thanks for the heads-up, we´ll look into it.
  4. Any news about this problem.
    Brand new installation and I can´t join any camaro sessions.
  5. the problem is in the engine.ini, it was different between me and a my friend

    the line is EngineEmission=(0,0.25,0) or EngineEmission=(0.00, 0.25, -2.8) in the other file, try one of these
  6. Thanks for your reply oppolo.
    Will try if it works.
  7. I tried to edit the engine.ini but no luck.
    This is really not good for new users of this software.
    Like the sim but problems like this make me don´t want to spend time with it.

    Sent e-mail to support but no anwer in over 2 days now :-(
  8. no luck to edit the file or no luck to enter the server?
    what values do you have in your engine.ini?
  9. No luck entering server.
    Tried both the values you pointed out.

    Support not even answring questions is not making my experience with this sim better.
  10. That´s to bad. I would imagine they must be awhare of the issue?