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Calling quits after only 14(15) races :(

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Milan Radivojevic, Sep 20, 2013.

  1. Hi guys, I just wanted to inform you that I wont be racing anymore in FSR or any other league.. I finished highschool this year and now is time to move on to the university :) The amount of work needed to do a race weekend here is very big so I won't have time anymore for this :(
    I will do just one more race in Brasil and then, put a .(dot) on my simracing career.. Driving here was very nice and chatting here on forum and on server was great aswell :) I want to thank my teammanagers for giving me seats in last 2 years :)
    @Chris Knight for giving me a drive in Knight independent racing
    Petros Mak - MAK Corp
    Bastien Gauthier M4Y
    I would also like to thank @Petar Brljak for bringing me here in FSR


    Cya in Interlagos :)
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  2. Hope you have a good couple of last races here milan and after that just enjoy your retirement we will miss you though :)
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  3. good luck milan
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  4. Thank you guys,cya in Interlagos for the final time :)
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  5. gl
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  6. i dislike you quiting!
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  7. he man i drove with you couple off times in the beginning with the gigabyte team but shame you stops simracing