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Calendar update

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, May 15, 2014.

  1. Below is the slightly updated 2014 race calendar, note that round 4 has switched tracks due to poor/ancient track quality.

  2. Melbourne :cry:
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  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    San Marino? Indianapolis? :O_o:
  4. Why remove Melbourne? I mean I'm happy that San Marino is on cos its a good tribute to Senna but why remove Melbourne when San Marino could've been in the second free space? The version of Melbourne is brilliant
  5. I just miss Brazil as last GP.

    Anyway the administration has their own reason to change Melbourne.
  6. Indianapolis has been selected because ISI will release the track quite soon, and the quality will be obviously very high.

    Melbourne has been replaced by San Marino because it's a very old design, quality is not very good and I'd need too much time to work on it. San Marino on the other hand is practically ready since the Winter Series, and that allows me to have more time to work on Canada, which needs an important update as well.
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  7. I first had Melbourne included because it seemed not completely hopeless case from cockpit cam. When looking at trackside (screenshot) the GP4 graphics from 2002 are quite obvious. Also there are some issues with car reflections etc. I understand David wants to work on newer tracks and it's not really worth effort trying to make 12-year old track look decent.

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  8. No NOOOOOO, no Melbourne, no Monaco, what are you doing guys, for what we're paying licenses, for 12 races and **** tracks. I understand is not your fault now, but you can fix it example put Melbourne later in calendar, just move Canada for it's place to be on 1st of June, then Silverstone on 15th and etc.. That was my favourite track with Monaco, so please I believe there are more many guys which think like me, I think you can fix it in next few months example the long break in summer. I didn't vote for that kind a calendar, I remember my vote was the last vote and I voted for 12 tracks, because I didn't find it that bad with few exceptions like Monaco. I don't like this decision and I hope to think what I've said and to find out a solution in other way.
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  9. Doesn't look bad IMO. You call this terrible?

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  10. Of course it's a shame to miss tracks like Melbourne or Monaco but for now we only have David working on the tracks and it takes him a massive amount of time. Also rF2 makes things a lot more complicated than they should be.
  11. As I said, it's remotely ok from cockpit. Broadcast is mainly trackside cam and they really show it's a 2002 track, just too old tech for our use. Besides, all the cutting places would have to be fixed. I don't think it's realistic to expect David work all summer on these GP4 tracks when we can simply replace them with something better. Also it makes rF2 look very bad if we decide to drive on poor conversions.
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  12. 2 races in america, should Indy be called the East USA GP and Texas the West USA GP
  13. Sorry to disappoint you but the decision is final. I understand that you like the track, and I can tell you that I also like Melbourne a lot. But it's a 2001 track and the modeling is quite poor for 2014 standards; not only that but also the textures are incredibly oversaturated, as you can check on that video and JES screenshot (well they are ok for rF1, but in rF2 you have to tweak them heavily to look properly under HDR).

    As administrators we have to look for a decent amount of quality; I know that some people don't care at all about the quality and they would run 2000 era tracks forever, but we want something better than that. Tracks like China, Imola etc should be the minimum required in terms of quality nowadays, and personally I do believe they are quite on the limit; after all they were made for rF1 engines.

    And anyway afterall Imola and Indianapolis used to be F1 tracks, so it's not like if we decided to race at Poznan :)
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  14. You will use the Imola version of Winter series ?? oO
    Oh my god... the race will be so boring, we have already so much difficulties to overtake with that car and you choose the worst track for overtakes... and in this version, the track fidelity is not that good :sick:
    Have you considered the Hungaroring track released for rf2 ???

    What about Nordschleife ? :D used by F1 long time ago
    It would be awesome to race with F1 there... :inlove:
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  15. Yeah Hungaroring is much better for overtaking.

    /sarcasm off
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  16. Nordschleife would be great Morgan :) Maybe we can do it as an event in the summer break?
    eeehm. bad that Imola is that early in calendar. There is a good version of it in Assetto Corsa. It should be convertible. it looks exactly the same like real ^^
  17. Imola looks very nice in AC, but when converting it to rF2 it gets totally destroyed because the graphic engine is quite bad. It's not so easy to do a proper conversion.
  18. Imola is more boring than Hungaroring David. In Imola we're gonna do laps bellow 60s without the last chicane.
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  19. would nordscliefe be used in rf2? (sorry if its a stupid question)
  20. anything but imola urgg now seasons ruined without melbourne my fave track :'(

    looked at video posted and melbourne looks better than china were racing on this weekend...