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Released CalderPark Thunderdome

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Steve G, Jun 7, 2010.

  1. Calder park thunderdome:
    Used once for touring cars in 1987 WTCC featuring the Eggenbergger Ford Sierras,Brockie in the Mobil Commodore and Tricky Dickie in the Shell Sierras who remembers it???
    Have a try a let me know so I can make changes before final release...


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  2. that is WAYYYYY to wide ,
  3. Yeah I know Stealthy the update will fix that
  4. Curbs, textures, trackwidth, Panellength in some corners.
  5. Hi I would love to try this track but I cant get it to load?
    Is there a trick?
  6. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    use walls to straighten up the track. So you can place the nodes exactly on the right spots.
  7. Howe do you use this? Is there a version that will run in rFactor as is?
  8. No never made it to export
  9. I am currently re making this track started yesterday may take awhile thou Im working on 2 other tracks one a street and the other based on the DTM Munich Olympic Stadium the layout is bigger to allow full on racing.