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Tracks Cadwell Park V1

UK Club Race Track

  1. Kit Lethby submitted a new resource:

    Cadwell Park - UK Club Race Track

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  2. there's something strange with the grass outside track, when you went off the track, the car stuck on it, you can't back on track, you'll respawned in the pit after a while, anyway (if you don't care about a lil bit problem with the graphics/texture of the track) it's a cool track :)
  3. Rht


    Very nice job ,done a few laps and its just like I remember but to be honest its too bumpy in places , Cadwell is a smooth track to ride/drive so if you could sort this out it will be awesome and very life like ....
  4. Like other have mentioned, need to be smoother to be drivable, but once that step is done, it is avery nice track, hope it can be done sooner than later so we can have fun at Cadwell.
    Thank you for your efforts in bringing us this add on.:thumbsup:

  5. very nice!
  6. LOVE IT !!! Watch loads of BSB on this circuit and would love to see more of them done. Also patiently await a good mountain cam... TV cameras would be best but I'd settle for a shot from the rail in the right hander before the Mountain looking up the hill. Cheers anyway... GREAT TRACK. Much Thanks to MotoFX, Tonto, and Kit Lethby... More, More, More :D
  7. Cadwell is not at all a smooth track - a smooth track would be the newly laid Silverstone sections - not old tarmac like here. It is a very bumpy track with multiple types and layers of tarmac transitioning in quality and grip - eg the softer fine tarmac in newer sections and then the old bumpy more grainy and pebbly tarmac sections. Most of the fast corners have had movement in the tarmac from summer heat and the exits to these fast corners have "waves/ripples" on the tarmac that unsettle the car if the bound or rebound and spring rate is too stiff for the track. Same with two of the slower corners on the hard braking areas where the tarmac has bumps that make hard braking quite tricky and make it prone to skipping and brake overrun and locking up. Cant wait to see the progress of this track. Bumpy tracks with height transitions are always more fun than flat tracks with flat tarmac.
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  9. This track is absolutely crap. It does not suit AC and deserves to be in a game of about 15 years ago. Not good enough for AC at all.
    That is my opinion.
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  10. Has this track been abandoned?
    It's waaaaay too bumpy the way it is at the moment.
    Some trees and textures need to be improved, but the rest seems ok to me.
    But fix those bumps, please! :(