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Cadillac CTS-V

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Bram, Apr 19, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

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  2. I didnt catch what her face looked like. they should put her in a baja truck, bouncy bouncy bouncy.
  3. What face? :)
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  4. The optional ditz is only available with the road car, unfortunately not available for the race car :thumbsdown:
  5. I'm relying on this car being good as I'm losing interest in the content I have and I can't afford anymore:( . In Season 2 I'll have something to race each week as I have a couple of tracks that appear in all the series I'm eligable for. Though that means not running the same car in consecutive weeks, but if the Caddy is really good (I like powerful tin-tops) then I might sell some bits on eBay for the other 3 tracks in it's schedule!
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Its out now...

    Drove a few laps. Not really impressed (yet). Looks like a Toyota Prius with a corvette engine :)

    Really miss European cars or at least an engine that sounds different than to what we already have in the game.
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  7. Not long been up and 10 mins left to download:). Will only get 15mins with it 2nite as I've got the kids for an hour as the missus has an evening hairdressers appointment:(, then off to work:poop:.
  8. You need better setups, the baseline is CRAP! :)
    Give it a few days for people to put out better sets and it will transform the whole car completely.

    Agree, all i´ve been thinking about now for months is the Mclaren.... can´t wait to drive that bad boy.
  9. Well, I had been thinking about running the series for this car for some fun, but if it's going to be fixed and the baseline is like this, I'd rather not.

    I guess with a proper setup this can be a nice car. Right now, it's a spin waiting at every corner.
  10. I know, you'll go around the corner without hitting the throttle and you'll spin even in a higher gear. I did notice once the tyres warmed up it wasn't as bad, but still the baseline setup is terrible and needs to be changed >_>
  11. Love this car! I have put my setup in the iRacing setup section for anyone to try! :D
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  12. yep, but by adjusting aggressiveness I was down to one spin every 2nd lap after about ten or so laps. still, what bothers me is that this is Rookie content. This could cut both ways: a) it will be an inadvertent wrecking festival especially in t1 l1 because, man, these brakes lock up quick! also, chances are you will,be hit by someone losing it going in or out of turns. It's like offering the Mazda Mx5 and a DTM racer to the same guy on the same day. but: b) many players will come to appreciate a realistically carfeul driving style much earlier with this beast in their virtual garage, especially the D and C-level series might profit from that.

    I really like getting it for free, curious to see where it will be parked multi-class-wise and also curious to see what the merchandise/competition angle will be, most freebees at iRacing come withe there merchandise parcel attached to it, don't they.

  13. Woef.....:geek:.... look at the airbags on that car
  14. Well, if the rookie series is anything like the 24 Heures du Fun, races will be won by people who just keep the car on track. I did a race at Okayama, started 20th, got hit before T2, limped back to the pits, spun a few times, ended 4th. Had a lot of fun too, but I used a custom setup from the forums.

    I just hope the baseline is changed before the official series start, then it can be fun. Specially if you manage to stay in a good split, usually less wreckers there. Plus, with this car, bad drivers aren't likely to make it to the first corner anyways (full throttle->what->why is my car facing the wrong way?). I see the series not being that popular to rookies after a few races.

    As for the car itself, I'm starting to find it fun. It really teaches smooth inputs, but keeps you on alert because it will oversteer very fast. And if you spin, you have to take it easy for a couple of corners because the tyres die completely. Then again, I only had slow cars and open wheelers in iRacing, so nothing to compare it to.

  15. Don't forget that the baseline isn't neccesarily the fixed setup!
  16. Wheres the chick with the boobs in the game? I look right and they arent there.
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  17. I wonder if iRacing was a European outfit we would have seen a different set of tracks/cars from the start and then the service would have evolved differently.

    Then all the Americans would have been questioning where all the oval circuits were and the lack of cars from their side of the pond, lol.

  18. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    There is of course always the option to balance the content. Now the balance is completely off scale imo.
  19. If you mean in favor of oval racing, I completely agree. Ovals are fairly simple (not talking about driving) and straightforward. I don't quite get this philosophy, because ovals a popular only in the USA. Road racing is more popular anywhere else and offers much more variety.

    I don't want to take oval racing down, but it seems really boring and dull to me. I know it's hard to drive quickly as well and you have to be a god damn great driver in order to be successful, I just don't understand the whole concept, that's all.
  20. Luckily I think that they may have hit the ceiling as far as oval racing is concerned. Theres not many (if any) oval cars they havent modeled, and there surely cant be many oval tracks left to add. So hopefully this means the development focus will switch to road cars, and hopefully European sports cars and some more international tracks.