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Buying Packs on Steam

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by BoogerMac, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. BoogerMac


    If I buy a pack on Steam, will it show up as purchased in the Raceroom store? I don't want to accidentally double purchase content.

  2. It will.
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  3. ouvert


    but it seems to be more expensive than buyin it on RR store (with vRP).. DTM 2015 for example: 9.75 Euro in store (or 7.46 Euro if you wanna go crazy with vPRs :)), 12.49 Euro in Steam sales
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  4. BoogerMac


    Being in the US, the Steam store is cheaper during some sales.

    For example, the WTCC 2015 pack cost 899 vRP, or $9.66. During the current Steam Sale, I can get the same pack for $4.49...the non-sale price is still cheaper at $8.99. The Audi TT Cup pack is another example. It cost 499 vRP, or $5.49, while the everyday Steam price is $4.99.

    I'd much rather my money go directly to Raceroom / S3 without Steam getting their cut; however, its hard to justify not saving over $5 if I buy both from Steam.
  5. ouvert


    but 499 vRP could be anything from 4.48 Euro (4.89 USD) to 3.24 Euro (3.54 USD) if you use vRP store (depends how much vRPs you buy at once) .. but even most expensive 4.48Euro (4.89 USD) is less than 4.99 on steam
  6. Atm there is a 50% sale on Steam for the R3E packs ;)
  7. I always purchase from the store. If you buy a pack that contains some things you already have, tracks for instance, it reduces the cost of what you are buying.
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