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Button, buttons, buttons...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Marc Collins, Nov 30, 2016.

  1. (Ooops, I see we cannot edit the titles here even when there is a typo!)

    There are more and more buttons appearing on steering wheels now, and some of us got lucky and got a button box as a gift ;)

    If you had to list your top 10 or a dozen rF2 functions to put on your valuable and limited wheel or button box controls, what would they be? I'd love to hear what others are doing before I finalize my configuration and labels.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Depends what kind of cars you are racing :p
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  3. And what kind of race-types you are racing. :p
  4. Horn, I always map the horn, LOL!

    Lights, wipers, starter, ignition, brake bias, DRS, and now boost level.
    Pit request, pit menu navigation, HUD cycle, HUD on/off.
    Vote yes/no, any chat presets you use online.
    Alternate escape, live/delay replay.
    Glance left/right if you have single monitor.
  5. IMO: the most import buttons: Pit-limiter and a starter button (if you don't use auto clutch)

    HUD cycle is called "LCD mode" in the controller setup. It's usefull too.
  6. Oops, yes pit-limiter!
  7. I built my own for my G27 primarily for F1 2016, but I use it for RF2 also. Here's a link to that post: http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/arduino-for-keyboard-macros-wip.127098/
    I used a Teensy microcontroller and programmed a bunch of macros on the buttons.

    For RF2 I need DRS, limiter, pit request and I like to fiddle with the differential on the fly. Fuel mix would be another critical one to have.
  8. Another question for modern F1 fans. I look at the wheel on the modern F1 cars in rF2. FIrst, assuming you can even figure out what all the buttons and controls are on the wheel (!), which ones even have corresponding controls in rF2?
  9. This is what I have settled on so far for rFactor 2. I'm doing a lot of endurance racing.
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  10. MarcG


    What's that like with VR though (if you have that running properly in RF2 yet of course!)? I can find my wheel buttons and gear stick easily enough but not owning a button box I'd be interested to know if it's still useable, Thanks :)
  11. Now that's a creative way to ask me about the progress of VR support! :)

    We have no magical way of showing physical objects with a VR headset on, so that will be an issue until AR (augmented reality) headsets become an option for simracing (the only AR headset is the Hololens and it is not really ready for consumers yet).

    I guess time will tell, maybe we will see headsets with cameras that allow us to blend in certain objects into the virtual game world. That would be awesome for racing simulations.
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  12. MarcG


    Well it was worth a try ;)

    Yeah having something away from your hands that you need to look at like a button box would be hard, as above wheel buttons & gear stick to the left of the wheel I have no problem with as they're easy to find "blind".

    Another option is to use a Webcam to portray your Button Box in game the same way Envelop (Steam Desktop App) does with the Keyboard. With that I simply point the webcam at my keyboard and with the VR headset on I can see my fingers on the keys and can type fairly ok...not great as it takes some getting used too still but for the most part it works pretty well and is early tech.
    I reckon something similar with a Button box might work with Sims, would probably look weird if you have Virtual Hands on the Virtual Wheel then you own hand appears on your box, but for usage reasons it might work :)
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  13. Thanks for the personal and helpful example!!
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