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Button boxes for GSCEx

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Lancey, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. I've looked everywhere for an answer for this but I could not find anything. I know there is IHUD, DASHMETER PRO and Derrick spears button boxes( can't afford it) but is there anything else out there that I can use. I have Ipad and Samsung 10.1 tablets. Also would a usb number key pad work as a button box. Thanks for all information is much appreciated.
  2. William Wester

    William Wester
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  3. Have a look at symprojects.com
    They sell a JC32 controller for £27.50. Buy some buttons from them as well. Then get an aluminium or plastic button box from EBay or Maplin (or even use a biscuit tin), and build your own box for about £50. Just plug it in with a usb cable.

    Mine has 3 rotary knobs and about 30 buttons, and it controls everything that is not on my wheel - volume, pit menu selections, mirrors, seat adjustment, ignition, etc.

    I also use xpadder (5.99), a brilliant little program that assigns a key to each of the buttons.
  4. Sorry to say but this idea would be a bit hard as I live in Australia....
  5. Melv

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  6. I was thinking of using something like this but with usb:
  7. Hi,,,could you assign 2 or 3 simultaneous keys in xpadder like "ctrl+×" or "ctrl+shift+x"?
  8. Yes, xpadder can assign any combination you want.

    You can also set one of your buttons to switch to further sets of buttons.

    Xpadder is able to assign keyboard keys (or any combination of keyboard keys) to any button on any device (as long as it is a device recognised by Windows).

    (The only one I ever had trouble with was a G13 game pad).

    One of the best bits of software I ever bought, highly recommended for multiple controllers and sims.
  9. Will the IHUD for refactor work with GSCEX? I'm tossing up to wether to get the IHUD or DASHMETER pro. Which is best?

    Does ihud for rfactor work on gscx
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  10. Lazarou

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    I can highly recommend DashMeterPro. Works great with GSC and RF2 great app. You can configure it however you want and it also does telemetry.
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  11. I used the board from an xbox controller and it works great if you build it into a perspex box. Using a usb connection.
  12. Looks like a great idea - and if it is not programmable as separate keys to your keyboard, you could always get xpadder and map it with different keys.
  13. Need help guys. Have tryed to install Ihud for rFactor in both GSCE and rFactor1 using the correct plugin from mightygate's website (HUDforRfactor.dll), also have followed said instructions from mightygate but all I am getting is this "unable to connect to server for requesting telemetry". Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi, could you please help me set up Dashmeterpro for gsce? I bought it the other day and until now I couldn't make it to work. I followed the intstruction guide from their website but still failed for me. I even tried their 3 options(rf1, rf2x32bit, rf2x64bit) to make sure, installed in plugins folder, still nothing. The communication between pc and tablet is good.

    Note: I also have Dashmeterpro for AC/pCars and it's working great.

  15. Lazarou

    Premium Member

    I just put the rf2 plugin and preferences file in the plugin folder, checked the ip address is correct and that should be it.
  16. Open the preference.ini file and change IP address from to there is something else you have to check in help file in dashmeterpro but not sure what it is right now will check and get back to you soon.

    Also under advance settings in dashmeterpro check to see if your port setting is 3202. If you have both ip and port settings set right everything so be good.
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  17. Sorted it out. I already did everything you guys advised before but didn't work. The only thing I did was not change the "extended buffer size" and leave it to "false". I kept changing it to "true" since that's how I got my other dashmeterpro working with assetto corsa. I thought it should be the same. Thanks a lot for all your replies. Have a great race day guys.:thumbsup: