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Building and Track invisible

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Gerda 3, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Hi, i have the problem that buildings, some cars and the track are invisible!?

    In BTB it´s a building in "3D" but in rfactor it´s partly invisible, see the pictures.
    Is this a BTB config or rfactor config which i must change?


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  2. I think it could be a Problem with the normals. Try to check the "Use as tree wall" option. Then all normals are rendered up. Its sometimes helpful, if you have such problems....
  3. Object faces have a front and a back, and usually it's only the front you can see. With that house, the front and back are the wrong way round.

    You could try Thavron's suggestion. I've only ever done that with tree walls, and the effect was to brighten the texture, so it may not be what you want.

    Another option, which has its drawbacks, is to go to venue materials and for each material of the building, select the 'double sided' option. The drawback is that if each material is double sided, the object will effectively have twice as many polygons.

    The other option is, if you made this object yourself (e.g. in anim8or or 3dsmax etc) is to select the problematic faces and look for a 'Flip Normals' option.

    I've no idea why the road isn't showing up in the mirror. It could be that your mirrors are set to show low detail and the road texture doesn't have the necessary low-detail mips.
  4. Hi,

    i have tried the different ways. To set the material config to "double side" has solved the problem with the house and the cars. But it doesn´t help by the track.

    There is only two places where the track is invisible in the mirror, and only 50 - 100 metres, at the first and last curvy!?
  5. About the track in the mirrors, have a look to see if there is a track surface point where it goes invisible.

    I had the same thing, but it was a long time ago and I can't remember exactly what cured it. But I think it was either moving or deleting a track surface point, or changing the texture.
  6. Thanks, but nothing had helped me!?
  7. I have this problem with the road not showing in two spots too, so I've bumped this thread. :bump:
  8. it could also be the sky mas, that has clipped the objected.making it a mirror effected, trying setting a noclip on objected.has the sky is very tiny on larger tracks,or moving/enlarging the sky.

    i added the sky editable mesh ,to the added new features forums before, but not heard anything about it.

    Hello frank m8, look in 3d simed to see if the road is visable.
  9. The problem has done, I do not know what it was! I can´t help you, sorry...
  10. I think the clipping may be the problem Ed, as I can see the skyboxi instead of the road surface.

    I'll check it tomorrow when I fire up my other computer.
  11. That was not the problem. The road surface is still not showing in two places.

    The whole track shows up in 3dSimEd.
  12. is it not showing in the mirrors, then use the vis command attached to the objects instances.Visgroups(8) is in all resolutions.