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Build 798 Information: TrackMap etc

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by John-Eric Saxén, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. As I will face this question many times, here is the quick solution to get TrackMap plugin running:


    Also note that player data is now stored in player.JSON and Multiplayer.JSON. Following settings are mandatory as per rules, remember to change those:

    • Virtual Rearview In Cockpit: true
    • Net Connection Type: 6
    • Upstream Rated KBPS: 256
    • Downstream Rated KBPS: 256
  2. I just thought I would post up that when I had TrackMap installed for racing other cars other than FSR, that single-handedly led to connection issues which resulted in me D/C on the 1st lap in Canada........
  3. Well I checked the new files and there some things that bother me, like:

    • Virtual Rearview In Cockpit: 1 - mine sais TRUE, not 1. I guess it's the same.
    • Rearview: 1 or 2 - I don't have this
    • Downstream Rated KBPS: 256 - I don't have this either
  4. Right, it seems Rearview is now obsolete, forget that. Connection settings are in Multiplayer.JSON

    I would be very surprised if trackmap plugin caused your connection issues, considering probably something like 90% of racers here use this plugin.
  5. It could have been the way I installed it or something, but all I'm saying is I was experiencing connection issues consistently and regularly practicing for the GP, DSQ from the race, ripped the files out of my rfactor 2 install, and never had the issue again....
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