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Build 228 Released

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Scott Webber, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. Tim Wheatley from ISI has just posted up a release thread for the 228 version, here's the info!

    ================================================== ===
    Update 15 (Build 228) Changelog (June 10, 2013):
    ================================================== ===

    Fixed an error with frame buffer textures in a few cases
    Fixed a problem with HDR bloom when running multiview
    Did some adjustment of multiview HDR processing
    Added detail levels to env and road reflection options

    Fixed bug where the audio mixer treats the player as an opponent when going under AI control.
    For onboard cams, setting Flags2 to 1 will make them use external rather than internal sounds.

    Attempt to correct controller IDs if they get switched around when plugging in other input devices like joysticks.

    More tidying up of multiview replay

    UI / HUD / Options:
    Clearing sidebars from replay gizmo when bouncing back to main monitor from large replay window in multiplayer

    Fixed a crash in ModMgr when switching from detailed to simple view
    Fix up some minor UI problems in MAS2
    Added ability to place listeners for ambient sounds using the editor.
    Added ability to see the path the AI last took in AIW editor show/hide menu
    Fixed an issue in ModMgr where an install to a new directory would use last known working and packages folders - new installs will now use new working and packages folders until modified by user.
    Added menu option to cancel recording paths in AIW editor and to trigger path recording with "External Signal Left" mappable input.

    Fixed a bug when toggling FXAA from in game where the shaders were not being recompiled properly
    Fixed alt-tab crash in MP caused by multiple rearview inits
    Demo set as PREFERRED_RFM
    Fixed recently introduced bug where clients would sometimes halt when another client exited the race.
    Fix skins on dedicated server replays, not yet sure if this helps with skins on client replays.
    Fixed "Get Mod" password entry box to send player to the right screen when "Enter" key is used to progress forward
    Fixed a bug with incorrect billboard rotation when wind/crown motion deactivated
    When mapping controls to a controller axis, fixed a minor problem where the axis settings could get stuck in a bad configuration (more specifically, while we tried to detect whether you were trying to use a half axis or a full axis).

    Fixed bug where sometimes AI would get stuck in an extremely slow state.
    Closed potential slowdown loop when yellow flag is thrown and freezing running order for AIs.

    Fixed an alt-tab crash specific to MP only
    Added send rate control to built in HTTP server
    Added server & admin commands "/dq" and "/undq" to disqualify and re-qualify drivers.
    Remove exited clients' cars if restarting weekend.
    Added basic race rejoin after disconnect, which must be enabled on the server to work (with the multiplayer.ini setting "Allow Race Rejoin"). Currently you just get a new car in the garage.
  2. Finally the Auto-Updater works! :thumbsup:
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  3. TTupsi

    Premium Member

    Spray looks nice now. It's a shame we raced at Palm Beach last week :D
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  4. That rain looks indeed a lot better now, and the reflections of the wet road really makes it look very pritty:)
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  5. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    I still need to update.... Work is insanely busy and realy don't have any time left to do something with rF2, but tonight I will surely make sure to be the tail light in the Nascar race. ;D
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  6. I like this:

    Added basic race rejoin after disconnect, which must be enabled on the server to work (with the multiplayer.ini setting "Allow Race Rejoin"). Currently you just get a new car in the garage.

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