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Build 144 is out

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Ivo Simons, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Build 144 is out. Also for Junior Members. :)
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  2. I will be testing it out this weekend. I hope the new FFB is something to write home about;).
  3. Mwah. Its still not great imo. You get used to it after some laps. But if you jump into a other sim after that, you realize they have alot of work to do still.
  4. Yeah, that has been my feeling about the game so far. I've not tried 144 yet, but I'm not fully convinced it will ever feel like some of our established sims.

    I will stay open minded though;).
  5. I think they are getting there a lot quicker than other BETA sims though.

    The FFb is not the issue I find hard, it is simply the feel of the steering.

    I put it down to the game engine being likely designed for a joy pad and largely on/off inputs, hence it must be really tricky to develop a new steering feel.

    the track i tried today was great, a reverse Imola. Car was fine, takes some time to get the setup there, but after tat it feels OK.

    the issue for me is not FFB, that works well. The steering is too light for one, and it gets lighter when it shouldnt, thats all
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  6. Had a bit of a play earlier with a few cars at Silverstone

    Quite interesting actually!

    I have found a ltitle of perhaps what the problem is. The lap I think is fairly well mapped, having been there and seen the track. But the issue with the cars is this.

    In most of the turns you get into the turn and the initial turn is fine, then as soon as you lose grip the whole feel of the steering totally goes away, as if the front wheels are on ice, no matter what the speed of the bend.

    So into the Maggots complex, you turn in at about 140mph andd the dead steering feels the same as if you push the front a bit at bloody Luffield!

    It is NOT the FFB, I think that is fine, in fact I could handle far more FFB, one thing you notice after playing RF2 is how thorough the FFB is.

    In PC, you get no feel at all from the steering, you feels the rumbles and surface changes, they are perfectly done in my opinion. The issue is with the steering weight, how they program sliding and how they make the car feel if you start pushing it and getting to the egde of the tyres.

    Some guys can obviously do this as at some of the tracks the laptimes are pure insanity, y'know 15 or 10 seconds faster on a lap, yet at some tracks I can be really close.

    the feel of this mod is all that is missing. It's obvious they know as most people complain about it, I only hope they can get it close, as for me, the rest of the game is very good for such an early build.

    Well, at least theya re offering something, unlike ISI who have done nothing at all since release of RF2, nothing whatsoever, and that does make me a ltitle cross as since this is a BETA, they should be at least putting out a few patches or updates.
  7. ISI said the Beta stages would be 6 months and we get arround 6 updates also in the meantime.
    ISI also makes one build a week in house but the difference is they dont release it. Doesnt mean they do nothing. :)
  8. Ivo, that is just stupidity.

    The BEST way to ensure things are going well is the release BETA mods. We all understand the game is rough, ad would have no issue with that. After all we have all paid up front so cant really complain too much.

    I think either they are doing very little, or getting something ready. And really, out of the mods released, only one feels close to finished and that is the 60's mod. THe FR cars relaly are nowhere near able to be released properly, and if they were would likely be very badly reviewed.
  9. Edit: Dont want to start a discussion again. Everywhere i look there is CARS against rFactor or Cars against other sim. Getting abit pointless every developer does it their way. One company has 10 guys other company has 100 guys.
  10. Well I tried the new build, but unfortunatley I cannot tell any difference in feel because it has become a slide show for me :(.

    I could run the game (not very well) with my previous setup of a Core 2 Duo E6400 O'cd to 2.93ghz, 4gb OCZ Ram and my ATi 4870 512 Gfx card.

    Then I replaced my CPU with a i5 2500K Oc'd to 4.2 and 8GB Corsair Ram and my ATi 4870 512 GFX card and the game was running very nicely with most settings to Max/High.

    Now after installing the new build even with all settings to minimum it barely runs at all!!!
  11. I can run the game fine, but still the steering is not right.

    They are very aware of the situation, but just do what I did, buy the junior memberships and wait every month.

    try it, if it stll sucks just leave it for a month!

    It does seem to only affect certain cars and certain tracks. but is still the main drawback with the game
  12. I am having second thoughts about p-cars now.
  13. really wow il have to find out about that as im a junior member and thought would get a free copy of the game when released if not i will be really peed off:mad:
  14. see the last few posts here. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/39493/