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Bug during career mode

Discussion in 'F1 2016 - The Game' started by Clemens, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Had a bug where I finished first...but then together with cars just behind me was set on position 17. and further...maybe something with the SC or so no idea...Someone had already the same?

    Platform is PC.
  2. Yes, could be some kind of penalty you didnĀ“t notice...overtaking while yellow flags, missing delta time while Vsafetycar, etc... did it just happen once?
  3. No that's impossible I think...because I finished just in front of Rosberg...who was set on 18th position (and until the last position the drivers who finished directly behind me were finished). Also a penalty is normally shown with a symbol in the list...there wasn't one. There must be some bug off registering times...(can be because of (V)SC, can be because of save and load the session, no idea)
    And until now I had this just ones (I have the game since last sunday so haven't done a lot yet).
    Good thing is you can restart the race :) and let's hope that this happens just once because very frustrating.

    Next time it happens I record a video of it with OBS, where I show the replay and so...if it happens again :)
  4. Must be safety car, as I've done up to Hungary with no glitches like this, and I have SC and formation lap off.
  5. @H03n3r Do you save the session during races? (e.g. I do most of my races in 2 turns and save the session).Could be some bug in saving and loading the session as well. If yes then I guess it won't be that.

    But it is probably this or as you said the SC...

    What also could possible is maybe the fact that I did a part of the race before the update (1.3.0) and the second part after the update (1.3.1)...

    Let's hope it was the last time I had that glitch...
  6. Another bug now was when driving behind the SC the message came that I need to close up more...but the two drivers in front were driving to slow...so I overtook them...no penalty (that is actually good, because they drove too slow...but its not really normal they drive too slow and don't catch up the queue)
  7. How's this for a bug? :O_o:

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