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Career BTCC Championship 2016 1.02

BTCC Championship 2016. Real cars, tracks and drivers. 8 races, 14 opponents.

  1. spagna submitted a new resource:

    BTCC Championship 2016 - BTCC Championship 2016. Real cars, tracks and drivers. 8 races, 14 opponents.

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  2. The cars are not being recognized/found when I try to start each tournament, any help would be greatly appreciated.....
  3. 1. Install the missing tracks and cars (file "info").
    2. Unzip and put "content" folder inside your AC main folder.
    3. In main folders of the cars BTCC rename the file "data.acd". There should be a folder "data" and file "-------data.acd" (renamed from "data.acd").
    I checked on the AC versions 1.8.1 and 1.9.3. For the version 1.9.3 waiting sound fix from the car mod author.
  4. Nice work Spagna. Reading the reviews, I would just like to confirm we are working on it. I appreciate that there is no external sounds at the moment, but we are working on more than just teh sounds, hence why it is taking longer than it should, as we didn't want to fix the sounds, then release V2, so very soon, there will be a whole new update, so bear with us

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  5. Thanks for clarifying, Fordman! We are waiting for release V2!
    I found some errors in v1.1.
    I have fixed:
    1. Bug with BMW gears settings. Solution: drivetrain.ini - GEAR_1=2.5000.
    2. Bug with the names of cars in the results table. Solution: car.ini - [HEADER] VERSION=1.

    Not fixed:
    1. Glass dull

    2. Mirror oblong

    Hopefully this will help you.
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2016
  6. unfortunately the sound fix disables sounds of other AC cars.
  7. For the original AC cars rename the files back as described in the instructions "HOW TO USE".