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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by nokanmov, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. I need to ask this BTB-LASER possibilitys, if smeone can help. How much differences BTBPRO and BTBLASER have? I have thinking and asked some prices here from "ground calculating institute".

    Laser scanned LIDAR-data is not too much expencive, 0,60 € / 3 x 3 km area from here in Finland. It is very detailed, grid size is 60 x 60 cm and altitude changes is 15 cm precision. I have thinking, is that possible to create lidar "backround image" as "base terrain", with BTBLASER and do enything else textures and objects etc. with same tools in BTBLASER that BTBPRO, example.

    Or is that BTBLASER only working with laserscanned data? I have very indrested and ready to spend money to create extremely detailed tracks. But i have lack of information.
  2. Simply, how much is BTB Laser prize?
  3. You should contact Piddy directly for BTB Laser info
  4. Yes, i did it in few days ago.
  5. I would also be interested in this program, but i need the more information on this program:good:
  6. 0/60€, 3 km2?

    So you can scan a big track for only 1 or 2 €?
  7. Office cost is 50-90 €, depending on worktime. 100 € is close to all costs. But data need BTB laser program and it costs too.
  8. Aerial LiDAR data is now available here in Estonia :)
    I can get 0,45 points per 1m2 which is about 1 point per 2,22m2.
    Maximum point distance 2,6m.
    Altitude data accuracy is 0,07-0,12m.
    Data format is ASCII txt.
    Is it worth to get it as it will cost me some money and i just want to be sure what can i do with it. If it's worth then i most probably need BTB Laser services.
    Zaxxon method is out of the question with such data because i can't extract track line data out of it?
  9. I suppose you will ask for a rectangular area of data. If you know what are longitude and latitude coordinates of the corners of that area, it should be easy to translate the kml coordinates of the road to the coordinates of your data, build a terrain (with no road) based on that info, and then manually create a road that fits the terrain and link it to the terrain. A lot of work.
  10. LOL I would do that! I tried with a Ge export....

    I guess from the sound of it, the price can't be given out...
    Btb laser would be brilliant but I would imagine a lot of work. so much more data to deal with.

    zaxxons method is genius but complicated to get started.

    If Brendon could incorporate or if some smart bugger could make a windows app for zaxxons method! maybe btb could share from it.....
    we'd be set..

    Maybe another project program Brendon, :laugh2:
    One to import the gis coords to create the terrain then import to btb, Import the track kml, BTB auto links terrain, including interections:embarrassed::laugh2: then just add the topping! I'd buy it!

    That would be sensational for the sim racing community!

    Sorry I was just 'wishful thinking' out loud!..
  11. Thanks zaxxon.
    The data is 1 km2 pieces and to cover whole my track i need 13 of them. Pieces don't line up as one big rectangular area. Many points are way off the track and i don't actually need them that far. If i want one big rectangular area then i need to buy a lot of unnecessary 1km2 areas what i don't need to build a track.
  12. How much do they cost?
    Can you buy 1 piece so we can see if it is possible to create the driveline from it? If it is possible, and we know the longitude and latitude of all the pieces, I think the track could be built.
  13. I will ask how much they will exactly cost me because there are different licence types. I think it's something around 28EUR/km2 but i can be wrong.
    I try to get one for testing
  14. Ok, i here it is. Don't know how i get it to BTB
  15. Give me a link (pm if you want) so I can examine data and think ways of working with it.

    You can clearly see where the road is. That is good.
  16. How this project is going at now, any terrain results in BTB?
  17. I did use in my last project (Laitse) LIDAR data. I imported the mesh as an object (several .3ds objects) and manually placed the road and terrain. The more accurate data you have the better results you get, obviously.
    In MeshLab it looks like this: