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BTB Export to rFactor with new track name

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DiamondLogic, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. I am totally lost.. I have completed my track in BTB and all I have to do now is name the track properly, but when I export it out to rFactor it does not show up in the rFactor track list..

    I can see it in Windows Explorer, and have tried everything I know, but I can't get it to show up as I want it to show up in rFactor, I can export it from BTB to rFactor with the original name that I called it and it works fine in rFactor, but I don't want it to be called 'TestTrack'..

    I have used Notepad to modified the 'TestTrack' .gdb, .scn files and changed all the file names to suit, to show the names that I want, but it still does not show up in rFactor..

    I have tried the BTB Save As 'NewTrackName' then export, still no joy..
    Please HELP!
  2. Have you tried moving your original 'TestTrack' folder out of rFactor and then trying your new export?

    I say this because I'm pretty sure rFactor will only show up one track if your have two tracks with some name occurring in both of them. It happened to me once, but I can't remember the details . .
  3. You have to restart rFactor for new tracks to show up.
  4. Yes.. I have deleted the TestTrack folder, then have exported using a new name again, still with no joy..
  5. I have closed and started rFactor so many times, still no show..
  6. Make sure you haven't forgotten to tick all the boxes when exporting.
    Don't use spaces or underscore in your track names.
  7. Thanks for all your advice, got it sorted..
    It would not export how I wanted it, but changed text in .gdb and .scn files but left all the file names the same..
    so the main and sub folders in rFactor are correct but still with the old name in Windows Explorer..