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BTB Chat Room

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Jan 22, 2011.



    I have created a chat room that anyone can use whenever they want, to chat, discus projects, get help and support, organise events ..etc etc ... ill develop it a little more in time but for now use it as you will. Ill be connected 24/7 ... Although you may see my nickname or other peoples nick names when you join it dosent mean that im at my pc then, so if your not getting any response from anyone its usually for that reason. Personally im there usually in the evening, im in Ireland so you can work the hours out according to where you live.

    have fun

    PS. please type a nick name.. also might be best to use your nicks on this forum for the chat room, will keep it less confusing for others
  2. Very nice! :) :) I was first there :) :) Nice chatting, indeed! Many thanks!
  3. I can't connect. Firefox shows a warning bar saying I need QuickTime. I hope that's nothing to do with the chatroom and it's just some extra fluff.

    edit: I have been able to connect, but it took a while.
  4. Yes, I also was loosing hope for the first time. But it works - with Google's Chrome too :)
  5. Info in this post was out of date with respect to the new chat room server and website addrress

    feel free to delete mods.
  6. arrrrrrg, blocked chat room at work
  7. sorry to hear that paul... there is probably a way around that.. but then again jobs are a rarity these days ;)

    Also.. ive noticed people join the chat room, say "hello" then leave after getting no response.
    As explained in my first post, I leave my PC on 24/7, so I always maintain a connection to the chat room (for other reasons too)... You will always see my "name" there but if you dont get a greeting off me as soon as you join, its means im simply not there. I live in Ireland so my hours are GMT.. ill be less likely to be active there at 3am in the morning, if you get me..

    Some other people have been joining fairly regularly, so if you wait for a bit either myself or one of the others will respond
    (Aker is a bot by the way, so your wasting your time conversing with it)

    If your interested in using the chatroom, or indeed to help out with the chat room on a more regular basis, then I would highly recommend getting a dedicated irc client. You wont get those connections problems and instability with it (within reason).

    Over the next few days I will create a special variation of a popular free irc client with "pre-set" options so it connects automaticly and joins the chat room automaticly.. etc
    Ill also do a quick vid tut on its main / commonly used options and features.

    Sorry once again if folks are finding it hard to connect... patients is regularly rewarded :p

  8. Error

    "Closing Link: Call_Brasil6 by Helsinki.FI.EU.Undernet.org (Too many connections from your host)"
  9. It logged me out (maybe due to my inactivity?) and I had the same message. Reloading the whole page in the browser helped for that.
  10. Info in this post was out of date with respect to the new chat room server and website addrress

    feel free to delete mods.
  11. No problem, Pangea, I really enjoy the chat and small issues don't discourage me to jump there from time to time to meet friends :)
  12. werry nice chat room! :)

    ive got the record??? :p

  13. for mibbit thats probably a world record, congrats

  14. cant joinnn!!!!!!
  15. trying to set up an rss feed "latests posts" announcement for the chat room, but the rss feed seems to be be global to racedepartment forum as a whole. Is there a separate rss feed for subforums for example bobs track builder?
  16. still cant join!!!
  17. If you use Firefox, you can install the ChatZilla plugin to go to irc://undernet/btb I've been using that recently and things have gone a lot more smoothly.

    There are other programs too, but I don't know what they are.
  18. i cant connect today ive tried a few times it says contacting IRC server, i tried like in 8minutes and it dont join.

    also sometimes it says Closing Link: elgh by Budapest.Hu.Eu.Undernet.org (Too many connections from your host)
  19. Info in this post was out of date with respect to the new chat room server and website addrress

    feel free to delete mods.
  20. Closing Link: danm by newyork.ny.us.undernet.org (Too many connections from your host)

    A shame!