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Broadcast / Press help needed

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Dennis Hirrle, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Hello guys,

    I post this in the World Trophy forum as the outcome might effect the World Trophy, but in fact this is a topic for everyone.
    We've called out for help a couple times this year and I have also recently done the same within the private TOA forum consisting of all the WC teams.

    The issue is that unfortunately, a very small group of people currently, and since big parts of the year, has to do a relatively high workload to organise the racing and everything around the racing for the teams and drivers.
    We really need to increase this group of people a little bit now, else we would need to turn down some of the things we offer, see below.

    What we currently need is a few persons for the broadcasts in whatever division, that means if you're interested you can pick the racetime that is best for you and where you're not racing yourself if you are a driver.
    We need one or two cameramen, and at least two commentators. Learning cameras is easy and I'll go through it with anyone willing to do it regularly. Commentary is a fun thing to do as well and you don't need to be native english to do it.

    Additionally we are also in the need for two more people for the press department. You surely noticed especially the WT and WS divisions get very little coverage, but also the WC would need some additional articles.
    Posting articles on the website is easy and I'll go through this with anyone interested to do it regularly.

    I hope until the mid of next week the people necessary for the jobs can be found.
    If there's no one willing to help, I'm afraid the first thing we are forced to cancel are the World Trophy live broadcasts.
    Please understand our current group of helpers really do a big workload voluntarily to make the racing possible for you, but everything has a limit. We do not want to turn down any coverage like the broadcasts so it'd be great if there's more people willing to help out.

  2. I will help with press for the main site denis.
  3. So there isnt enough people wiling to do some of the work that is mentioned. Wich doesnt really surprise me cause people that want to help are the wt drivers itself. So to help this broadcast, drivers need to stop his racing and step in the broadcast to save this.
    Naturally drivers want to race in the division (WT) as this is what they came here on FSR for. I personally think this is a hard decision to make as from a driver perspective.
    Most drivers will do press as i notced from other drivers from WT also, cause this is managable and still drive races. As others that want to keep the broadcast will need to stop racing.
    Also wasnt it better to place this post in a more general place so people outside WT can read this post also and IF there is enough reaction from them it will make decision alot more easy for the WT drivers itself.
  4. Well i have an idea about the broadcasts!!!! What about with wt the drivers who do not make the grid due to bad qually or something jump into the broadcast booth in warmup and help out there?!

    If i get caught up in the melay of turn 1 and retire early i will join in the broadcast booth when required?!
  5. I dont mind doing cameras at all, as long as it is in WS or WC :p
    On the commentary part im not that good but if asked 1 day i can try it as well both in WC or WS
  6. Hello Emre,

    quoting myself:


    About posting things in a general place, we have done so before (check the news&announcements forum where Ivan posted something) and received no replies at all.
  7. Hi Dennis,

    I´d like to help. As you said, doing cameras is easy, i´d like to give it a try whenever my time lets me do that for the races. Also I can imagine to help sometimes with commentatings after "how to instructions" lol.
    Loosing the WT broadcasts would be extreamly sad.

  8. Hello....well im not good with english and ill probably do very bad comments but im able to do camera work!!!
    Everyone knows that a small amount of people do a lot of work here in fsr....which becomes hard for them!!!
    I would acctualy love to help out...tho i dont see myself writing articles due to my poor english neither comentating but i think i can manage camera work!!!Im in...who do i contact to help Dennis??
  9. Me. :D

    Thanks Fabricio.
    I'm happy to say we have found "enough" press people for the moment, as well as camera men. Thanks. Any additional are welcome though. Experience clearly shows that commitment of people drops after a while, hehe.

    What we now need is 1-2 more commentators. Don't be shy, give it a go either in WS or partner Scott in the WC. :)
    Or talk to your team / friends and see if there's someone willing to commentate in WT.
  10. I would love to commentate - but it is just not possible currently - perhaps in a few weeks it will be a possibility.