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BrawnGP Looses Virgin sponsoship.

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Wido Rossen, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Sir Richard Branson has signed a deal to re-name the new Formula One team Manor Grand Prix after his Virgin brand in 2010, Britain's BBC reports.

    The flamboyant billionaire said at Silverstone last weekend that he is unlikely to continue sponsoring Brawn GP next year, because the Brackley based championship leaders' value has skyrocketed.

    Before the former Honda team's immense success, Brandon had grand plans for Brawn, including full naming sponsorship and possibly the transfer of equity.

    Those plans, however, have reportedly been simply switched to the fledgling and more affordable 2010 entry Manor Grand Prix, the collaboration of boss John Booth's F3 outfit and former Simtek chief Nick Wirth.

    Along with the Virgin speculation,the BBC reports that another well known global brand will be involved with a new Formula One team in 2010.

    Like Branson, YouTube co-founder American Chad Hurley was also at Silverstone, reportedly putting the finishing touches on a deal with the new US F1 team.

    As the Team US F1 plans speed along, team co-founder Peter Windsor was stepped down from his role interviewing the drivers in the official post-qualifying and race press conferences, replaced by former ITV commentator James Allen.

    ( source www.SPEEDtv.com )
  2. so he'd rather sponsor a team that will be always down the back of the grid? than one that has what it takes to win titles.
  3. Weird business strategy. :der:
  4. Nope it involves money(Alot of)
    I Reckon for the same price Brawn were offering/saying . Thats how much Manor were offering/saying for there whole team.

    So for money sense it wasn't a bad idea
  5. Simon Bacon

    Simon Bacon

    And if you're seen to be losing money (on paper), you write it off against tax and ....er....make more money:honk:
  6. Ben is wright, Richard Branson has his name on the Brawn GP for just a fraction of what it would cost on a McLaren or a Ferrari.
    Now that the value of BrawnGP has gone up so did the prise for a spot on the body of the car.
  7. NNNOOOOOOOooooooooooo!
  8. I dunno... Brawn should be kinder to RB, he's the one that took a risk with them but that's business :(
  9. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    i dont think they should. he's hardly been forward about a long term deal. brawn are in the strong position and should exploit it to the fullest while they can if they intend keeping up at the sharp end going forward.
  10. I'm sure the brawn will be littered with sponsors next season.
  11. That is certain Lewis