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Brand new to rfactor, where do i start?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by fast bear, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Hi, iam totally new to rfactor ,just bought the game, where do i start, where are the best downloads? I;m looking for F1 and v8's . Once l download where do l actually put the files etc. Any help would b greatly received.
  2. Hi there fast Bear there are some awesome mods here at Rd in the downloads area also rfactorcentral is a good database for mods and tracks.

    When you download mods they will come in a .RAR file or a .EXE file. With a .RAR you extract the files to a place on your pc that you know. then open your c drive (if this is were you have put your Rfactor install) and open the Rfactor file inside this you will see about 8 folders all you have to do is come the new things you have dowanloaded and past them in there let it over right.

    If its just a track it will go here C:\Program Files\rFactor\GameData\Locations Place them inside the Locations folder

    .EXE files ask you were you would like to to install the data all you have to do is point it here C:\Program Files\rFactor\ it will do the rest for you.

    Hope this helps if you need any more info please ask :)
  3. Andrew Scott

    Andrew Scott
    Virtual Hoon! Premium Member

    Hey FastBear, got yourself a great game mate, there are heaps of sites for rFactor mods and tracks.

    I would start with the rFactor download section thats here at RD 1st, they have all the GOOD stuff here anyway :)

    All RD downloads for rFactor can be found here: http://www.racedepartment.com/dlcat-rfactor-2/

    The link below is to RFC or rFactor Central, so if you cant find what your looking for here try RFC. I think you need to register at RFC, but it's free.

  4. Hi, thanks for the advice, the exe files ar easy to install. instaled the ferrari 430, easy, the rar files are a nightmare. I cannot open them to get the info out. Once you have saved it how do you open the file? it keps saying already installed. If l try to open it manually what method do l use. once downloaded the files have a red 2 on them. is this right?
  5. Have you got a .RAR extractor? You need one of these to extract the files out of the folder. You can get a trial of WinRar here.
  6. Or you can get IZarc, which is completely free, here :)
  7. thanks guy got it working This is fantastic!!!!