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Brand Hatch Help?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Will Marquez, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Heys guys,

    Been practicing alot on GTR Evo and getting some laps in on Brand Hatch using WTCC 07. First part of the track I can hold my own. But when I get towards the middle of the track especially towards turns 5, 6, & 7, the high speed right handers. I feel like I'm losing alot of time. Either I slow down way too much just to make the right hand turns or come in too fast and into the gravel I go. What's a good pace time wise for this track? I'm consistently in the 1:39-1:40's and feel there is room for improvement but don't know where to start.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Just came from Brands and i have the same difficulty. I lose time on those fast righthanders too but not as much as sometime ago. It's a matter of braking technic mostly, ease of the brakes and apply throttle when your turning, not too much to cause understeer. Kiss the curbs on the apex and exit. You didn't state that is it FWD or RWD you're driving, with FWD you can put the throttle on the floor sooner. Practice, practice practice. I don't know what else to do there and frankly i'm not the best driver in the world so i might have it wrong.. But those things have helped me to at least get to a reasonable pace there.

    Time wise you can check some lap times from the archives: http://timing.racedepartment.com/race07/statsWTCC07BestLaps.php
  3. 135's and 136's during the race is a fairly good pace. The Qualifying times can be in the 133's for the Aliens. Those high speed right handers are tough, try to get the braking done before you start the turn in, otherwise you start the turn sliding, and it makes it really easy to slide right off the tarmac. :)
    Also, if you can get an Alien to upload a hot lap to watch, it can be greatly helpful. I am not an alien, by pb is a 134 in online qualy. Not really that fast when you see the good guys go.
  4. I've found it's mainly about getting your car's orientation right before you make contact with the curbs... The 3 turns after the long straight stretch are tough and unforgiving with gravels and walls to punish a bad line.

    My advice: to improve quickly, go to main menu and select time trial mode which is under additional events or something like that.... when you get to the options section, select ghosts and ghost lines on. Then go in and download a ghost lap from someone doing around 1.35. Go on track and depress the + key and watch a couple of lap. then try to follow their line and their break and accel patterns. This will teach you the track the fastest imo... then it's all about trial and error and repitition.

    The BEST thing to do is to get someone to help out and we'll be on practicing tomorrow night at 9ish pm eastern NYC time. I can hit 1.35 flat pretty consistenly and maybe mid 34 if i get lucky but during the race, it's way more important to be consistent than ultra fast! One meeting with mr wall and your race is over.
  5. Will we have an event tomorrow night at 5pm California time on Friday. Here it is http://forum.racedepartment.com/gtr...5rd-us-stcc-brands-hatch-gp-5.html#post363082

    Also before every Friday event we run an open practice on Thursday at around the same time. Last week we had like 10 ppl practicing. If you join us tomorrow, I would love to help you get sorted, and comfortable racing. Then you might even be ready to join us for the race Friday.

    So just join the practice server tomorrow night around 5-5:30 your time and get on Teamspeak if you have it. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be shared and its easy to do so speaking rather then typing.

  6. Thanks to everyone for the help and advice. Took everyone's feedback and was able to take about 2 secs off my lap times and now consistently hitting 1:37s with alot of improvement still to be made. But after looking at my technique beforehand I was just smashing the gas and brakes through the turns which was making me really inconsistent.

    @ Jerrod Keen - The ghost car and line definitely helped alot I actually kept up with him thru the first section of the track then with more practice kept him in my sights until he took off at the end.

    @ Keith Barrick - Don't have teamspeak at the moment and was looking to download it from their website and not quite sure which one to download. Do you mind sending a link for the right dL?

    Thanks again everyone!
  7. Your welcome Will.

    William... some will be on at 8 eastern. I join around 9 or 10 and drive a couple of hours so it goes on all night. Hope to see you there.
  8. http://teamspeak.netfire.com/developer/client/20337/TeamSpeak.exe

    That is the Teamspeak link.

    Willi: You are right with the timing. But people are on and off the server between 8-12pm EST on Thursday. The reason for 8pm EST start is to practice with the EU guys who tend to lose lots of sleep racing with us :) (The hardcores)

    See you guys tomorrow.

  9. Thanks for the Teamspeak link. Also thanks for the invite to come practice with you guys tomorrow. Sounds like fun and could learn alot from everyone.

    See you guys on the track.