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Brake settings?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Sidebite, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Im using Club Sport pedals and I have to push extremely hard just to get the brake meter to move half way. Is there a way to adjust sensitivity in-game?
  2. Not that I am aware of.
    I think you need to get at the root of the problem by plugging pedals into PC independently without wheel, via USB cable, and check out what is happening on the Fanatec Properties Page.

    The meter you are referring to.....is that the in-game menu or the aforementioned test? Also, the obvious is to try adjusting the little knob on the CSP. Hope that helps.
  3. The are plugged in independently, the wheel is a DFGT. They work great in iRacing. The "meter" I'm looking at is in the controller set-up in RBR, its the red bar that moves the more you push. The car is very hard to stop as well. The knob is turned all the way right/most sensitive.
  4. I use CSP Pedals in RBR and they work great.
    Seems strange that you can't get the brake movement fully to the right in the RBR Controller setup. Mine go totally to the right fairly easily, and I have the knob set to about 75% right.

    A couple of things to try:
    1. Go into the RBR Folder and rename the file PC Input Filter.ini to PC Input Filter.BAK (or something similar to de-activate it). It's not needed for RBR with modern wheels and can cause lots of lag.
    2. You can change the sensitivity in RBR Options under Controls. Use the Filter settings to play with the Curvature settings. I actually have quite a bit of curvature setting to minimise brake lock-ups, but that will only be a problem if you have full brake pressure being applied.

    I assume your Brake pedal calibrates ok in the Fanatec Porsche Wheel calibration utility?
    Are you using the latest driver for the CSP's?
  5. Couple more things....it is not uncommon for the brake load cell to go bad, and cause signal loss, and/or inaccurate, erratic brake issues. My CSP are less than a year old and I have replaced the load cell.
    Also check the small allen screw in the metal block where the push rod goes into. Make sure it is tight.(2.5mm) See picture......http://www.mediafire.com/?fs172z9v1412vpn The odd part is, you say they work fine in iRacing. Load cells can be intermittent however. Really would like to know the results on the Fanatec driver page. Good luck.
  6. 1st off, Thanx for the the replies. Looks like a great community here, too bad I'm so late to the show.
    Warren; The PC Input Filter.BAK work like a champ for the steering wheel input lag. Couldnt get the brakes better in the Options though. I need them to come on harder quicker, which I was not able to figure out. :(
    In Fanatec Porsche Wheel calibration utility; they act kinda like they do in-game. So perhaps I need a new cell, or I have just become a puss since iRacing allows you to set up your brakes so you can just breath on them and they're full.

    Zebrawire; I think I'll order a new cell (If I can find it) and try that. If it doesn't change things, oh well I 'll have a back-up. And all screws we're/are tight.

    Loving the physics on this sim. I just might have to throw on the DFGT pedals....not going to give up on this, it has way too much potential.

  7. http://www.fanatec.de/webshop/new_usa/index.php?cPath=28&osCsid=b80f486e96983e85d121290ec255516f This is the USA site, dont know where you are. The load cells are under "Racing wheel accesories" ($15) plus $17 shipping. Here is if you are NOT in the US.....
    I bought two extras. If your pedals are under the 2 yr warranty, Fanatec will send you out a replacement at n/c. You must follow these instructions to the letter for warranty....http://f-wheel.com/forums/index.php/topic,92.0.html

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  8. That does suggest your load cell may be faulty.
    One last thing to try. When doing the calibration, and / or the assignment in RBR Options, when you have to press the Brake Pedal to assign it, make sure to press the pedal as hard as you can. This should ensure that the full range of travel is used. Once calibrated this way, you shouldn't have to press it massively again in the game.
    If pushing it very hard doesn't register the full range of travel in the Calibration software, then I'd be very suspicious of the Load Cell, or the firmness of the grub screw as Zebrawire has pointed out.

    Maybe also contact Fanatec to ensure you have the correct firmware for the Pedals. I had to update mine.