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Brake problems anyone?!

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike Curran, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Does anybody hav a serious problem with the locking of brakes especially on wtcc cars? i can improve the situation by reducing the brake pressure down to 85-88% but that means u need 2 brake a little earlier, but when on std setup and pressure at the default 100% the brakes lock almost as soon as i hit the pedal. anybody find the same?
  2. Mike,

    I have the similar problem as i have a heavy brake foot so generally always reduce the brake pressure to compensate for this.

    Finesse is the key to braking you could try shifting the brake balance little more to the rear as i find this helps me a lot and then means i can start raising the brake pressure a little more. also shifting down whilst braking takes some of the speed out of the car meaning the brakes have to do less work.

    Also some cars are worse then others, if you are just starting out with the WTCC cars then i would recommend the Seat a good place to start as overall it is a very good car.

    Hope some of my rambling actually helps :)
  3. yes mate i hav got the brakes usable and can set gud fast times etc but just isnt perfect and by midrace distance the car isnt that enjoyable. looking forward to getting onto racedepartment servers and get some proper clean racing. im a rally man but a roundy roundy at heart :)
  4. That can be fairly normal depending on the track and which car you drive. The brakes, and especially the tyres, go off rather quickly with the FWD WTCC cars. You need to find a compromise setup as well as compromising by being a little careful early in the race to preserve the tyres. Again, avoiding the lockups is critical.

    Looking forward to seeing you on the track in the servers soon.
  5. same here, after 10 turns, tyres are beginning to slide much more, and my braking are... hmmm... a lot less reliable.
    I found that a 52% - 48% brake ratio is quite good to not lock the brakes. Provided you brake in a straight line.
  6. is that specific to the Leon?
  7. Sorry, yeah specific to the Seat Leon, I am only driving this one. I don't have a clue for the BMW (RWD).
  8. 50% brake?? i always keep mine at either 90 or 95. if you're locking your tires, don't push the pedal as hard..think of it this way: at 100% brake power, if you push the pedal half way, that's the same as pushing the pedal all the way at 50% power. just go easy on the pedal.

    also, when in a RWD car you have to blip the throttle when you downshift or you'll lock the rear tires no matter what.
  9. I have a really heavy foot and thats also my problem. But Ill get used to it just need alot of time lol.
  10. I think he meant brake distribution... as in 52% front 48% rear. I've found a similar balance to be good for me also.
  11. Brake distribution, not pressure : 52 % front - 48 rear. But keep in mind that with this setting, you have to release progressively your brake pedal, otherwise at some point the rear wants to be ahead of the front tyres :)
  12. I rally an Evo 9 Group N car and when braking its foot to the floor as hard as u can while using downshift to help via the dogbox. Theres no way u can half press the brake, if ur not 100% on pedal u r wasting time
  13. There's ways to make the brakes less sensitive during the first 2/3 of the pedal travel, and have it come on very hard only at the last 1/3.

    Go to the 'advanced settings' or whatever it's called in the control screen of the game. Set the brake sensitivity to 0% (default 50%). Try putting your foot down halfway and moving that % setting to see how it gets affected.

    The result is that you have a less sensitive pedal when you're going slower (near the mid/end of the braking) which is when they are most likely to lock up anyway. But they come on very hard when you start to almost hit the floor.
  14. oh..duh lol. my bad.. i use the same ratio mostly
  15. I find that reducing it down to 90-95% allows me almost 80% travel before locking. I'm wondering if you have something going on with your brake pedal calibration? I'm using a G35 and have the clutch as the brake pedal so that I can do left foot brake, right gas.
  16. Hello everybody

    I wondered if the good way to adjust the ratio is to see if the front and rear wheels lock at the same time. Does not it mean that the ratio is the best one ?
  17. There is no permanent ideal one. When the tires get worn (and they wear differently on every tire) and they get hot (again, totally unique for each time you drive) they will grip either more or less than you expected front/back etc. That's why you have the in-car realtime adjustment of the brake ratio.

    Personally, if I notice that the car oversteers (that's an easy one) when turning in at the end of the braking, or just acts unstable under braking, I put it more forward. If it's not wanting to turn in at the end of the braking, I put it backwards.

    Since it changes during a race, one has to keep an eye on it continously.
  18. I have the exact same problem since race 07. In Race 07 I had no problems at all, while using same settings/wheel etc.

    I found that Race 07 reacts strange to my pedal, when I touch the pedal, it immediately shows a 100% brake indicator in the control settings screen (you know that bar that moves when you touch the pedals, or the wheel).

    I managed to overcom eit a litle bit by chaning the pedal curve with dxTweak.

    I am using a Logitech Driving Force Pro.

  19. Ok thank you Mikkow, i will try this in my next practice. :eat:
  20. Just an over question, is it possible to modify the brake ratio during the race in the real life ?