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Brake gamma with nixim or similar mod for G25/27

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Stelios, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Stelios


    Well, how can i put it, by getting brake gamma to 1 i can stop faster, don't know if the feeling is right though.

    I think for those of us with this brake mod should use a gamma in between of default and 1.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Stelios


    Come on people! Any advice / opinions? :)

    Like some other person around here goes:

  3. bought this brake mod today (nixim) and im watching this post for later reference :)
  4. Stelios


    How about us 2 do some testing, i got brake gamma at 0.5 right now, gonna test some later or tomorrow since i am really tired at the moment.
  5. ok
    when i receive my nixim mod, i'll post here again :)
  6. What does brake gamma do exactly, does it affect sensitivity and linearity? I've tried default and down to 1 but can't feel any difference. I'm not using load cell brake though.
  7. I think in loadcell's the correct value is 1 for brake gamma (?) Not sure.

  8. it affects the curve of the linearity.. I think 1 is linear and I think that is best used for loadcells.. because it's the pressure which is messeared and not the travel way of the pedal.. so you get a quite linear feeling the more you press the more it breakes

    for the usual potentiometers.. which measure the travel of the pedal... you would want a curved response so that you still can modulate the brake... if you would have a linear brake gamma there too.. you could only modulate effective on the very last part of the pedal which is very difficult when you don't use the pressure of your muscles but the travel of your foot