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WIP Brackenhill Park

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Ralf Ääro, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. Ralf Ääro

    Ralf Ääro


    Started this Track long ago and paused it for a while because of other projects.
    After some month I felt it would be nice having a fictional track which is like old british tracks (like croft, snetterton, brands and so on).
    So I used the Brackenhill project for it. I found the old layout not very breath-taking and decided to change it in most parts.

    What I have now is a nice, narrow but fast circuit around a hill an into the forest before heading towards a small town. Every Corner / Bend has it's own challenge.


    Here some examples:

    Out of the First Corner you can lose control if you couldn't make it fast enough back to track, as there is a small gap between two curbs with sand in it.

    Before Double Apex Corner theres a bump which makes it difficult to break and steer into the corner.

    After some no-look-turns you will reach the last sector which starts with North-S and West Bend directly aligned to each other. Here it's important to find the right line and speed.

    Here you can see a video (not the best quality I think;but my internet is not the fastest, so I decided to have less data size).

    Please tell me what you think of it.
  2. Raido


    Looks nice, must say. Reminds me a bit of the Schleizer Dreieck beta.
  3. Kris Vickers

    Kris Vickers
    Hardware Staff


    Does look good. And possibility of extra layouts? As i saw another track in there somewhere :)
  4. Ralf Ääro

    Ralf Ääro

    As you can see in the graphic posted above, there is another layout called "Grand Prix" ;)
  5. Ralf Ääro

    Ralf Ääro

    BrackenhillPark - Traditional 0.1 beta Testversion
    for rFactor

    Fo testing reasons only!

    Known Problems:
    - Maybe no loading Screen
    - NO! working AI (so you may not race against AI Drivers on this circuit so far)
    - Some Terrain bumps outside the track / in run-out areas
    - Pit-Limiter is not automatically shut down at the end of pit-lane
    - Maybe you can drive through some of the walls
    and some more^^

    Link: http://www.ampix.net/novatracks/BTraditional.rar (48 MB)

    Install: Just extract the Archive to your rFactor/GameData/Locations Folder.

    Maybe Report bugs and have fun! [​IMG]