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Skins BMW M3 GT2 Team Martini [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by Arterio, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. Hi Arterio,

    do you have permission from Luis to host the car here?
  2. Seriously , how do you guyz still allow this aspec7878 dude to be around, he sells CRAP conversion done by him and , not only!!! he steals other peoples work and sells on is website as his, and then has the nerve to come here and rate Luis Car with 1 star with the sentence converted ?????? seriously!!!!
  3. <snip> this WORM is selling Luis CAR and yet he comes here to complain about it ???? dafuq.....

    mod edit - let's not generate traffic on that link then ...... link removed
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  4. Hi there!
    Is the engine & drivetrain fix included here or should we download it seperately?
  5. Great mod excellent work can't wait for more skins
  6. @Georg Siebert can we get aspec removed from RD alltogether, including all his worthless 5-minute track conversions, authorised or otherwise, i assume he plugs his website in all of the descriptions anyway, easily the worst member in the AC/RD community right now

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  7. My goal was not to start an inflamatory discussion about particular members of our community in derogatory terms. I thought we were here mature enough to take on serious issues in the open. I see now I should've cleared it with Arterio via PM in the first place - which will be exactly my next course of action.

    To answer your question directly, I have neither the inclination nor the power to do so.
  8. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman
    Premium Member

    Thank U for this wonderful machine
  9. Very nice done, nice Model, proper Sound, all in all a great Job!
    BUT: Compared with the Vanilla-GT3 cars I have the feeling, that this car produces to much aero grip, doesn't it? Mechanical grip seems to be ok, but in mid-to-fast coners this thing just sticks to the road. E.g. the Michael-Schumacher-S on the Nuerburgring is not at all challenging in this car, even with cold tires. Correct me if I am wrong, as of course it is still WIP.
  10. really impressive, the sound is fantastic, a really good job
    ... Maybe a little too much grip ??
  11. With the 1.4 update, the skin does not appear in the drop menu or "livery" swatch.
  12. is there a skin template for this car?
    nevermind, found it.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2014
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  13. I did not ask permission, but I downloaded the car from his channel on youtube I changed the livery, and posted by you (only a part of his project) writing clearly that was not one of my 3D design and pointing to the youtube channel Luis for eventual downloading the entire project. Probbabilmente I was wrong, I did take from 'enthusiasm is the case I apologize if I remove the file. I'm sorry I will continue to attend your magnificent site
    Annulla modifiche
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