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BMW M3 GT2 @ Nurburgring GP

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Setups' started by martcerv, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. I have been having a blast racing this combination with the AI and in order to stay with the leaders have needed to get the most out of this car as they truly are Aliens. This setup I did a hotlap of 1:55.672 but there is still more time there and I am not huge on hotlapping but love the RSR app to see where you are compared to others as we dont have MP yet.

    Here is the lap and tyres are good for a warmup and 2 hotlaps here, but will start to go off on a 4th lap fairly quickly on SS. Softs are ok for about 10 laps then start to degrade while mediums are fine for a full fuel run of 35 laps. For longer runs you may want to reduce cambers if temps are too high but I think its pretty stabel with good grip and balance even as tyres start to go off on longer stints its still quite driveable.


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  3. Yeah, forgot how much I like the M3 GT2, not driven it for what seems like ages. Anyway, tried this combo myself earlier and got into the 1:54's with the following setup.

    Not sure if 2nd gear is quite right, but it's driveable enough.

    I'll put a replay up later...


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  5. thank you a lot awesome