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Sounds BMW M3 E30 DTM and GrA Sound Mod 1.0.6

Sound mod for the bmw m3 e30 dtm and gra

  1. Kitrinos Kat submitted a new resource:

    BMW M3 E30 DTM and GrA Sound Mod - Sound mod for the bmw m3 e30 dtm and gra

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  2. Chris Stacey

    Chris Stacey
    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #7 Staff Member Premium Member

    Insanely good!
  3. Sounds awesome!
    Any chance you can make one for the McLaren 12C GT3? I can't even imagine how amazing it would be if you made it
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  4. The Mp4 12c gt3 was actually already scheduled for my next personal free time project, but it'll be delayed due to other non personal projects.
  5. This sound is just amazing, mind blowing. I hope you don't mind but now uploading a vid to utube with the nissan, using your sound, as being a BTCC fanatic, you have hid the nail on the head, it sounds like a BTCC car..obviously I will give credit..but amazing work !!!! 10 stars
  6. Hey, friend! Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed!

    No problem, but please don't upload a download link as being BTCC sound mod. There's nothing I can do about people using it for other cars, but if you want to, share this link instead and let them do it by themselves.
    Hope you undestand.
  7. Here watch this.....just brings the Nissan to life

    I have done credits where due, as this is NON of my work
  8. I have explained its not a BTCC Sound, but you did it for the BMW, hope this is OK?
  9. It is okay. I just don't want it to spread as a BTCC sound mod because I spent a lot of time searching videos and more videos of the e30 DTM for maximum accuracy, so all my work would be a fail if it spread as a BTCC sound mod, you see? But since it's personal use and you explained, it's okay.
  10. Nice video, btw!
  11. Thank you , but THANK YOU for the sound...here is why I said, although I know its not, but a BTCC sound LOL

    You will not get any closer than that
  12. wow, tried the sound and it does sound really well,

    I would think though that the cockpit sound of the engine should be louder, it's bit dimmed,
    btw. do you think this could be tweaked some so that it could be used officially for Nissan Primera BTCC ? it does sound very close indeed, but it was meant for BMW so I think it might need to be tweaked a bit to sound like nissan

    this is kinda how I would probably like Primera to sound

    perhaps also bit of this
  13. Rht


    Will you be making new sound for the BMW M1 procar ? , to me this is my favorite car now for AC ....
  14. @Patrik Marek I think we have found a new sound engineer :D

    @Kitrinos Kat Please can you make the "official" sound of the Nissan :cool:
  15. @Rht I didn't know there was BMW M1 procar already. But I have no plans to make sounds for it anytime soon.

    @Fordman I explained it in the BMW thread before I saw you guys have posted here as well
  16. @Kitrinos Kat Yeah just seen that, and there isn't an "Offical BMW M1 Procar" there is a ripped model doing the rounds, as I have seen it.
  17. Kitrinos Kat updated BMW M3 E30 DTM and GrA Sound Mod with a new update entry:

    (Optional) BMW M3 E30 DTM and GrA Sound Mod Update 1.0.2 (Older Onboards)

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  18. Kitrinos Kat updated BMW M3 E30 DTM and GrA Sound Mod with a new update entry:

    BMW M3 E30 DTM and GrA Sound Mod Update 1.0.2

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  19. some aspects of the new onboard are quite nice, but the sound itself sounds to me like there is too much wind noise or something, dunno

    missing the squeaking brakes and also don't really hear transmission anymore, prefer the previous version
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