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BMW E90 & Honda, Seat etc

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Pieter Theron, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron

    Hi Everyone,

    I know choosing a car for driving is a personal kinda thing but I still want to get a few opinions.

    In RacePro I used only the BM'em and had great success with it and a pleasure to drive. All the cars seemed very evenly matched so it came down to a bit of skill, setup and practice.

    Then when the wheels came off RacePro I switched back to PC gaming and the RACE series. Here I also decided to stick it out with the E90 again even if it means being at the back. So the other day I decided to give one of the FWD (not Volvo) cars a spin and to my surprise with the default setup I was quite a bit quicker than my best in the E90. This in itself raised a few questions and I guess what this post is about.

    Is choosing a car really a personal thing or are there cars out there in RACE that is just easier to drive and to adapt to (generic driving style). This obviously excludes the Volvo's because of the weight issue :lol:.

    I would hate to switch between cars all the time just because it doesn't suite a specific track. For me it is about choosing something and sticking with it or am I being naive in the approach?

    At the end of the day 2-3 seconds off per lap is a huge amount to try and make up. TBH I am not desperate to be at the front but just don't want to fight a loosing battle.

    Thx a million
  2. Hi.. I can't help you but one thing I can do

    no you aren't :) it isn't easy to find suitable car and if you are already done, specific tracks will confuse you... but whats the point - for me is really important to stick with specific car for each event each race and each league... I have better feeling then because it makes it realistic :) but of course sometimes you need to change... but it is only my opinion
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    Yeah, , I agree with Ondrej here. I used to drive only the BMW E90 all the time and was only quick at some tracks. Then at the tracks I was slower at I chose different cars. For WTCC/STCC cars I use the BMW, Seat, Honda and Volvo C30 on various tracks.
  4. Pick a car you like and stick with it, working on your technique and setups and you'll be quick. I usually run the S60 or the 407 and once tweaked they can be extremely fast.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Man i can't even remember racing against you James, when will join again for some action?
  6. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron

    Yeah I think I am going to do just that... Stick with the E90 through thick and thin and get something else as backup just for incase :biggrin:

    Setup and driving style seems to be the issue then. I watched two of the E90 quali laps around Indianapolis and those drivers seems to glide around the track/corners rather than trying to drive the car.

    Back to basics I guess..

  7. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    I'm basically with everyone else. BUT, there are so many cars to drive, so many that they do beg to be driven, take your pick and learn it, then on to the next!

    For WTCC I've stuck with the Honda, just becasue the wife and I have owned so meany of them. I have switched out for a race here and there, love the sound of the SEAT and just recently have begun driving the BMW just to get more rwd experience.
  8. The "default" setups are all over the place, i.e. for some cars and circuits they are better than some others.

    FWD and RWD cars by definition quite different from the get-go anyway (location of center of gravity, driven wheels vs wheels that do most of the braking, etc.) In the same class they ought to be pretty close, but you can't compare them unless they are set up right.
  9. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron

    People can say what they want but I completely agree with the point you are making. I've raised a thread a while ago about the car vs speed vs skill etc... The point for me is that some cars do drive easier out of the box and others needs a bit of practice like the E90. Skill plays a big part but the ideal setup plays a HUGE part coupled with style.

    This I noticed when we were still doing the Lupo racing where you could change only a few parameters. The field (times) were not all that far apart. This is where true skill and knowledge came into play. The people who won were very consistant in their lap times and that is linked directly to practice, knowledge and skill.

    So if I bring that comparison directly back to my initial question I think setup with knowledge, consistancy and dealing with pressure is key. Some people have the ability of getting every little bit out of everything and that is a great skill to have in itself :)

  10. I'm sticking with one car for each series as well.
  11. I must admit, I driver Honda becuase I own Honda and do really like them. I also like some of the other FWD cars. What I would really like to do is be super quick in the BMW, but woo they are difficult to master. I often practice in the beemer fist before I change to the FWD car. I really like the feeling of driving the beemer but just dont have the skill to master it.
  12. I'd say that there's tons of merit with sticking with one car. What I've found is that at each track, there are cars that are better suited for that type of track and thus have slight advantages. When i say slight, I mean less than a second (which I know is a big deal when you're driving 20 plus laps) but I also really like the idea of (especially in a series or league) sticking with one make. It makes things more realistic.

    So, you'll not disadvantage yourself too much by sticking with one.... but it will be tougher as many guys do switch around to suit the track.

    Good for you for keeping to one car. You'll be the master of it!!!
  13. For Club racing I like trying different cars out. I'm not "married" to any particular type, though, in touring cars you'll find me mostly in the Honda. It feels more comfortable to me.
    In league racing, I like the idea of one car for the season. You have to choose a car that you'll be comfortable in at all the tracks. If a league allows multiple cars, though, then I say go for it and enjoy the variety offered.
    Bottom line is - it's a game. Everyone puts in and gets out of it as much as they want to keep it enjoyable.
  14. I learned to race WTCC with Honda (which I chose because I own one) and got pretty decent with it. Consistent lap times on most tracks and quite fast as well.

    After upgrading my racing setup to include a clutch, I decided to go for the BMW... "Real men drive RWD" etc. It was so hard at first... getting around corners quick without spinning or messing up otherwise seemed impossible at first but eventually I got the hang of it and my lap times got better. (I actually had to read some racing theory to understand how you're supposed to drive rwd).

    Last night we had a wtcc race in Curibita where everyone except me was driving fwd cars. I screwed in both races by either throttling too hard out of a tight corner or braking too hard into a corner, in both cases ending up spinning out of the track. Everyone else was driving really smooth (which was rather strange because usually our races turn out to be something like this:
    ). I was so frustrated that after the race I took the honda out for a spin and timed 1 sec faster lap times than with the BMW.

    You have to be so careful and concentrate really hard, otherwise RWD just kills you. But when you get it right and run the fastest lap during quali, it feels SO much better than with fwd, because you know how much work and concentration it takes. :)

    So RWD: Sometimes a bit frustrating but definately more rewarding when you get it right (after many hours of practice). :)

    First post btw!
  15. Pieter Theron

    Pieter Theron

    I also think out of the box the other cars perform better especially in the RACE series on PC. The other thing frustrating is braking zones and having a few FWD around you. The RWD is absolute finesse when it comes to corners but from the laps I've seen on YT where people uses the E90 they are so comfortable with it that it's throttle all the way.

    In the BM setup is absolute key especially getting rid of corner acceleration/spin issues.

    I am going to stick to the BM although a bit faster in the other FWD makes. Mastering it has become an obsession. (caugh) Wish faster BM drivers would give some key pointers...

  16. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    I think Honda has the best handling, very hard to spin with it.

    Like most people i'm driving Honda since the beginning. Because it's the easiest one to handle imo. Tried Seat, BMW and Volvo and all of them ended with kissing the barriers :biggrin:.

    Perhaps a childhood habit comes from selecting Thompson's Honda in TOCA 2 all the time.