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BMW 335i track fun

Discussion in 'Car Talk' started by Gary Horneck, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Been having a ball this year tracking my 2011 BMW 335i at all the great tracks in the Southeast U.S. including Road Atlanta, Barber, NCM, AMP, TGPR. 10 days on track so far, and another 6 scheduled.




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  2. Ryan Ogurek

    Ryan Ogurek
    Premium Member

    Looks like a load of fun! Going to Virginia International Raceway at all? If you make a trip up to RA be sure to let me know!
  3. Nice car! My husband gave me his old 531i. I haven't used it yes because I'm more comfortable with my X3. Should I tell him to just sell it?
  4. Back to Road Atlanta this past weekend. Best lap, 4.3 second improvement from last trip, with more mods to car.

    Running traffic

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  5. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    I've always liked the 335's. My girlfriend is about three weeks in with hers. She bought herself a 2015 335 M Performance Edition. We were lucky to find a really nice used one with a 6spd manual and rwd which is rare option combination here in town. Most people just go with the X Drive with 8 spd automatic.

    I really like and enjoy driving her car, makes me want to get another BMW. Back in 2011 i had a 98 E36 M3 and even though it was a convertible it was still a real hoot to drive.
  6. sidewinder26

    Premium Member

    Love the towing hook.